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Whale Delivers Secure Remote Access to EMC Documentum Webtop

Whale’s Latest Module Assures Secure, Policy-Driven Access to Corporate Information Resources from Any Location or Device

Fort Lee, NJ – Whale today released its newest module optimized for EMC Documentum Webtop, providing enterprises with secure and seamless access to corporate repositories and content management services from any web browser.

Whale’s Intelligent Application Gateway products are based on SSL VPN technology and include best-of-breed Whale-developed endpoint security and application security components. The solutions enable organizations to provide, in a portal-like manner, secure and easy-to-use access to corporate information resources and applications, both web and non-web, offered by varying vendors.

“Our enterprise customers are increasingly relying on EMC Documentum Webtop for its rich content management and collaboration tools and are looking for ways to extend its reach securely and easily,” said Ben Gower, commercial director of Perspicuity, a UK-based solutions provider for Documentum Software. “Whale’s newest optimized module for EMC Documentum Webtop is ideal as it enables our customers to maximize productivity and output by securely and seamlessly extending access to their core content and document management systems.”

Whale’s optimized module for EMC Documentum Webtop enables enterprises to harness the robust business benefits of its corporate repository and content management services which provide tools such as core and advanced content services, collaboration support, easy searches and advanced tools.

With Whale’s out-of-the-box module enterprise users can now access virtual documents, My Files, content subscriptions, and lifecycle management and also enter collaborative rooms, discussions, notes and contextual folders through a single secure gateway from virtually any fixed and mobile endpoint.

Whale’s optimized module for EMC Documentum Webtop provides:

Single sign-on to EMC Documentum Webtop Portal, acting as a secure front-end to both Webtop and non-Webtop applications
Seamless and intuitive end-user experience, ensuring maximum usage
Secure automatic form login, ensuring that username and password are not exposed to the Internet
Advanced application firewall, preventing SQL injections and cross-site scripting attacks among others
Policy-driven secure access, defining access to applications and within applications based on user permissions, endpoint access device and security threat profiles
Assurance that corporate data and information is removed from the client, wiping the local drives used by Webtop to store documents
Industry-leading cache cleaning
Whale’s Intelligent Application Gateway product line offers optimized anywhere access through out-of-the-box modules for the most widely-used business applications available from a variety of vendors. In addition to applications such as EMC Documentum Webtop, Whale provides secure access to applications from vendors including Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Citrix and Novell.

Whale’s pre-configured application-optimized modules are bundled into Whale’s appliance to deliver the utmost in flexibility and programmability. The modules provide positive logic URL filtering, seamless single sign on, integrated two-factor authentication, clearing of proprietary caches and secure logoff, among other key features.

“Our newest application-optimized module for EMC Documentum Webtop attests to our commitment to provide our customers with the broadest access to their key applications and information resources, without compromising on security and ease of use,” said Roger Pilc, CEO of Whale. “We understand that enterprises are seeking solutions to extend the boundaries of their application and network infrastructure and maximize productivity. By providing optimized modules to key business software solutions such as EMC Documentum Webtop, we enable enterprises to seamlessly and securely provide policy-driven access to applications and information resources from virtually any location or device.”

Whale has been enabling leading enterprises globally to leverage their application investments by securely and cost-effectively delivering extranet access to them. In addition, the granular policy enforcement delivered in Whale’s solutions allows enterprises to expand their traditional employee remote user base to now provide business partners and customers anywhere-access.

Hundreds of enterprises around the world are using Whale’s Intelligent Application Gateway products to provide business driven access to applications and network resources. Whale’s client-base includes household named enterprises as well as Fortune and Global 1000 enterprises such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, The Financial Times, Loews Corporation, Mutual of Omaha, Hasbro and Electronic Arts.

About Whale
Whale is the leading provider of business driven secure access products, including SSL VPN, application security and endpoint security offerings. A pioneer in secure application layer access, Whale’s products are deployed globally by the world’s leading organizations to extend their businesses. Today over two million employees, business partners and customer users securely and easily access their critical business applications and resources through Whale’s Intelligent Application Gateway products. The company is headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey and has international offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Israel and representation in France.

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