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Wavion Releases the First Beamforming-Based Solution for the 700 MHz Licensed Band

Yoqne’am, Israel, September 28, 2010 – Wavion™, a technology leader in Metro and Rural Wi-Fi market with a new category of Wi-Fi Base Stations, announced today the release of its new product line, the WBS-700 – a family of base stations and compatible CPEs for the entire 700 MHz band.
The WBS-700 is tailored to the 700 MHz licensed band which has been recently opened for wireless broadband access in the US and in other parts of the world. Based on Wavion’s unique and powerful spatially adaptive Beamforming technology, this product leverages six radios and six antennas to provide extended range, increased capacity and superior indoor penetration, as compared to other products in this band. Enjoying the excellent propagation characteristics of the 700 MHz band this product is especially suited for extended coverage in rural areas and for better indoor penetration in urban and suburban areas.
The WBS-700 base station supports EIRP of 48 dBm and sensitivity of -108.5 dBm, and enables selectable channels of 5, 10 and 20 MHz. The compatible CPEs have a dual-zone capability, that is, apart from their 700 MHz connectivity to the base station, they provide 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to the surrounding area in the home and office. The WBS-700 flexible architecture and rugged weather-proof enclosure add significantly to its unique value offering to Telecommunication Operators.
“Wavion is very proud to introduce this new addition to its family of Wi-Fi solutions”, said Dr. Mati Wax, Wavion’s Founder and CTO. “It’s the first time that licensed band Operators can enjoy the Wi-Fi technology economy of scale and the unique performance advantages of Wavion’s Beamforming technology. We plan to extend this product line to cover also the “White Space” band, the TV spectrum recently opened by the FCC for unlicensed operation in the US.”

About Wavion
Wavion is a technology leader in Metro and Rural Wi-Fi and Wireless broadband access, with deployments in more than 60 countries. The company’s digital beamforming and SDMA technologies are the first and only to resolve the significant performance, penetration and profitability challenges facing large scale Metro and Rural deployments. Wavion is privately held and backed by Tel Aviv-based Investors Elron Electronic Industries Ltd. and BRM Capital. Wavion headquarters are located in Yoqne’am, Israel, and the company has worldwide offices in Miami, Florida, Dallas, Texas, Sau Paulo, Brazil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lima, Peru, Bogotá, Colombia, Moscow, Russia, and New Delhi, India.
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