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TrapX Announces the Release of Threat Inspector to the Public

Freeware Detects Zero Days in the Wild

SAN MATEO, CA  — July 10, 2014 –TrapX, provider of the fastest growing sensor-based HoneyGridTM in the world, is providing the cyber security industry a free tool to help enterprises  protect themselves against never-before detected malware and advance persistent threats (APT) leveraging TrapX’s unique Adaptive DefenseTM capabilities. TrapX’s Threat Inspector is a proven anti-malware solution that helped identify the recently announced “Zombie Zero,” a highly sophisticated, polymorphic advanced persistent malware targeting the shipping and logistics industry.

Unlike most legacy security technologies, TrapX Adaptive DefenseTM capabilities adapt to threats in real time, to counter today’s ever-changing types of attacks. TrapX, formally known as CyberSense, conducts powerful real-time analytics and threat intelligence of the network while providing full incident lifecycle management encompassing detection, remediation, and prosecution. TrapX Threat Inspector is an advanced stand-alone memory dump analysis process based on the Open Source Volatility package []. This free tool lets organizations inspect memory of virtual machines, run forensics on a potentially infected workstation within private networks using predefined rules and commands to analyze the memory dump file from the workstation, and store analysis outputs on local databases. Through Threat Inspector’s dashboard, users can view trends, reports, and live events occurring within their networks and perimeters.

While security futurists have long favored honeypots as a way to actively defend the network, TrapX’ Threat Inspector has moved to the next level with a virtualized HoneyGridTM platform that not only emulates hundreds of services across the network but also senses hostile scans and spins up targeted honeypots where they’re most needed in order to identify cybercriminal or nation-state attacks. Organizations can swiftly extract the forensic data and reveal exactly what the binaries are designed to without the delay of a full manual reverse engineering effort.

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About TrapX
TrapX has invented a purpose-built, virtual appliance-based security platform that provides real-time threat protection to enterprises and governments worldwide against the next generation of cyber attacks. The TrapX360 Platform provides real-time, adaptive threat protection by leveraging our patented HoneyGridTM malware trap and DPI technology.  TrapX360 traps zero-day malware in its virtualized sensor network or HoneyGridTM and next-generation malware traps before the malware can inflict significant damage to customers’ data centers or cloud deployments. Combined with fully automated advanced forensic capability and a threat intelligence fusion center, TrapX provides the most comprehensive context sensitive alerting and reporting in the market.

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