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SupportSpace connects home and small business users with tech experts for live, immediate support

Lucrative Business Model and Unique Platform Cultivates Independent Experts who are Customer-Rated for Exceptional, Specialized Services

REDWOOD SHORES, CA. – October 10, 2007: SupportSpace has announced the first online technical support service that connects home and small business users seeking trusted support with experts who use a unified platform to deliver immediate live service. The SupportSpace community of independent technology experts specializes in various areas of expertise including PCs, peripherals, networking, security and a wide range applications and online services. Users of the service may select from a variety of experts based on availability, price, specialty, and customer ratings and reviews. All experts are certified by SupportSpace, and are given their certification based on their technical knowledge, service and communication skills, and a complete background check.

“SupportSpace is reinventing tech support, making it an immediate, live, available service with an unmatched user experience in a way that can only be achieved with an amazing community of top class experts, very scalable quality service methodology, and a technology that can make it all happen,” says Yair Grindlinger, Chief Executive Officer of SupportSpace. “SupportSpace experts are enthusiastic about helping users enjoy their technology, and we empower them with a best-of-breed customer support platform and service methodology that helps them to manage the process, deliver the service, and collaborate with each other. Our marketplace business model allows technology users to get instant help when they need it, our experts to build a lucrative business, and partner vendors and retailers to offer their customers the best available tech support service.”

SupportSpace’s proprietary management and delivery platform enables experts to build a following by providing the tools required to deliver exceptional online, phone and remote support services. The platform also allows experts to share knowledge and collaborate in real time. Another key feature of the SupportSpace offering includes a partner program for technology vendors and retailers that provides their users with a consumer-oriented technical support alternative.

“Consumers are growing increasingly frustrated with traditional support channels, which are becoming less effective and more expensive,” said John Ragsdale, Vice President of Research for the Support and Service Professionals Association (SSPA). “Thirty percent of technical support incidents involve technology from more than one vendor (MSV), and these issues, on average, take 4 times longer to solve. Bottom line, consumers are looking for recognized experts of the technology to resolve their issues. By offering agent profiles and customer ratings, SupportSpace has created a true marketplace for technical support and guarantees an exceptional customer experience to boot. With MSV support issues only getting worse, SupportSpace is clearly the future of technical support, both direct to consumer, as well as partnering with vendors to resolve their complex issues.” “As the digital home grows in complexity, consumers will increasingly seek professional assistance with installation, troubleshooting, and configuration services,” said Kurt Scherf, Vice President and Principal Analyst with Parks Associates. “SupportSpace’s unique approach to connecting end-users with appropriate support help is an important aspect of the digital home support services space, where we are anticipating significant growth in coming years. For example, U.S. revenues remote or on-site IT support services for home computers and networks will double by year end 2011.”

About SupportSpace

SupportSpace is the first online service that connects home and small business users seeking trusted tech support, with certified experts who use the unified platform to deliver immediate live service 24/7. SupportSpace users can choose their expert according to area of expertise, price, availability, and customer rating. They can also choose the service method: chat, desktop sharing, phone or in person. In addition to serving consumers directly, the SupportSpace offering includes a partner program for technology vendors and retailers that provide their users with a consumer-oriented technical support alternative.

SupportSpace and its experts are passionate about helping consumers enjoy technology. Founded in 2006, SupportSpace is privately held and headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA with technical experts located throughout the United States. For more information, please call: +1-650-489-4646

Media Contact:

Beth Trier
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