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Study: Digital Display Energizes Search

New York, New York (February 23, 2010) – Eyeblaster, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions confirms display stimulates search by increasing the velocity of searchers entering the consumer purchasing funnel. This is particularly true for CPG brands. More information on how cross channel synergy increases reach and drives conversions is available here.
The study examined 207 advertisers in 21 verticals running cross channel search and display campaigns between June 2008 and August 2009 via Channel Connect for Search, Eyeblaster’s integrated measurement solution. According to the study, nearly one of five users who converted after using search viewed at least one display ad prior to typing the keyword. The data proves that more people engaged by display equates to more searchers entering into the sales funnel, indicating that the display channel is key to increasing a search campaign’s reach and compensates for the inherent limitations of keyword bidding.

According to Kevin Lee, CEO at Didit, “Savvy marketers understand the interaction between search and display, and use the high reach of display to add more searchers at the uppermost levels of the purchase funnel.”

The research, which covers over 1,300 integrated search and display campaigns, shows that 72% of the conversions result from the display channel while 28% are derived from search. This suggests that when marketers execute search and display campaigns, the display advertising increases audience reach, driving more consumers to search and move throughout the purchasing funnel.

This data proves that cross channel synergy expands reach and brings greater scalability to digital campaigns,” said Ariel Geifman, Research Analyst at Eyeblaster. “The consumer funnel takes users along a journey – awareness, favorability, consideration, intent to purchase and purchase. Display works at all stages of the funnel, bringing new prospective customers in, while search works on the lower funnel targeting those that already show interest.”

Additional research insights show that Travel & B2B verticals harvest users already in the search funnel, while entertainment and CPG verticals are more likely to focus on expanding reach via display ads to drive more conversions. Of all the verticals, travel, apparel and restaurant showed the most equal proportion of search and display channel contribution.

For more information on Eyeblaster search and display tracking visit To download the complete research report, click here.


About Eyeblaster
In 1999, Eyeblaster was among the pioneers in rich media communication. Today, Eyeblaster extends its inventive heritage in digital advertising to ad serving and global campaign management. As the leading provider of digital advertising solutions, Eyeblaster empowers marketers to engage consumers online. The company’s flagship product, MediaMind, is the only ad serving and campaign management solution built from the ground up for agencies and advertisers. MediaMind includes critical functions that simplify campaign process, enable cross channel analytics, and streamline integration with other technology components.

Headquartered in New York, Eyeblaster has over 35 representation offices across all major markets worldwide. This footprint allows Eyeblaster customers to deploy global campaigns with guaranteed service levels, publisher acceptance and integrated metrics. The company is the only publisher-independent provider in the field, as well as the only one certified for compliance with the three IAB measurement guidelines: ad serving, video and rich media.

In 2009, Eyeblaster delivered campaigns in a variety of ad formats including rich media, in-stream video, display, search and mobile for over 8,500 brands serving approximately 3,400 agencies across over 5,200 global web publishers in 55 countries worldwide. Learn more at:

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