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Strategy-driven IT Governance Realized with New Process-management Feaures of ProSight Portfolios 5

Process-driven Portfolio Management (SM) Capabilities Coupled with Microsoft .NET Architecture Streamlines Enterprise-wide Adoption

PORTLAND, Ore.-October 19, 2004-ProSight, Inc., the leader in top-down portfolio management software and solutions, announced today the latest version of its industry-leading portfolio management software, ProSight® Portfolios 5, which features “My Portfolios,” a new set of functionality that enhances process development and deployment throughout the enterprise.
ProSight Portfolios’ new capabilities further augment its position as the single system of record used to evaluate, optimize, and govern investments. My Portfolios adds the ability to develop process flows that provide step-by-step execution guidance on a particular process, like building a business case to propose a project for the project portfolio, categorizing an application undergoing application rationalization, or analyzing the impact of an investment on governance. ProSight’s suite of Fast Track products has also been updated to take advantage of these new features. The result will be an even faster time to adoption and a reduced need for consulting services.

“Corporate governance, and more specifically IT governance, has moved from being a boardroom commitment to an activity that engages most employees,” said Matt Light, Research Director, Gartner. “To work well, the governance strategy must be transparent to everyone in the organization, so that success with governance often hinges on investment in software tools, like those for portfolio and project management, that make strategy accessible to a wide range of employees.”

ProSight’s process-driven portfolio management scales the process and usage model according to the role of the user, thereby simplifying adoption for everyone from clerical workers to executives. This new functionality is equally valuable to ProSight’s partners.
“Again, ProSight is ahead of the market by introducing process-driven portfolio management,” said Michael Angiulo, general manager, Project Business Unit, Microsoft. “We see our relationship with ProSight and this introduction bringing immediate value for our joint customers to continue improving their enterprise project and portfolio management processes.”
Like every ProSight Portfolios feature, My Portfolios is customizable via simple wizards, easily shared with other users, and reusable as needed. When coupled with ProSight’s Fast Track products for the commercial market and federal government-like application rationalization, project portfolio management, CPIC budgeting and enterprise architecture-the pre-configured My Portfolios process flows can be used as-is or modified to better fit the specific needs of the business.

“With features like My Portfolios, this release makes it easier than ever for our customers to strengthen governance using ‘Process-driven Portfolio Management’ to codify, share, and replicate their processes and best practices,” said John Cimral, CEO of ProSight. “It’s already evident-both internally and with customers who helped us test ProSight Portfolios 5 prior to its release-that My Portfolios has changed the way that we think about and implement portfolio management in organizations.” Additionally, the fifth-generation release of ProSight Portfolios introduces a new architecture for the Web-based application, designed to leverage the features and functionality of Microsoft’s .NET platform. A new user interface simplifies navigation and leverages accessibility features of the Microsoft Windows environment to ensure that all users have access to the software. This helps ProSight’s customers meet their compliance requirements for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act: Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards.

About ProSight Portfolios 5
ProSight Portfolios 5 is designed to support the portfolio management needs of today’s extensive-and sometimes fragmented-organizations in the commercial and federal markets. The application provides a complete, automated portfolio management solution for all levels of the organization-from graphical investor maps for executive analysis to the underlying management systems that support project managers, team leaders, and professionals throughout your organization.
Built for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with support for Microsoft SQL Server, the application runs in a Web-browser environment at client stations, enabling organizations to share and deploy the application, as needed, using a simple Web address.

About ProSight
ProSight® is the only provider of top-down portfolio management solutions for the enterprise. By combining patented portfolio management software with services expertise, ProSight delivers immediate results to organizations without disrupting existing systems and processes. Companies using ProSight’s products enhance their business alignment and strategic collaboration through effective governance of investments, resources and performance. ProSight is headquartered in Portland, Ore.

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