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ProSight Announces New Products/Enhancements to Meet Public & Private Sector Investment Management Challenges

Company Enables Diverse Portfolio Management, Mandate Compliance.

PORTLAND, OR – ProSight® Inc., the leader in Enterprise Investment Management, today announced the release of the sixth generation of its flagship product, ProSight Portfolios 6, which includes enhancements that focus on scalability and support for large government agencies and commercial organizations. The updated version includes load balancing across multiple servers, new graphics and executive dashboards, as well as enhanced dependency tracking across investments.

ProSight is also announcing several new or updated products to its solution suite that aim to assist government and commercial customers who are managing increasingly diverse types of investment portfolios and are deploying large configurations. The new products include ProSight Propose and a new Earned Value Management (EVM) Extension for ProSight’s Fast Track for CPIC Budgeting. In addition, new releases of all four of ProSight’s Fast Track solutions take advantage of the new functionality in Portfolios 6 – Application Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management, CPIC Budgeting, and FISMA and Privacy Compliance.

ProSight Portfolios 6
ProSight Portfolios 6 enable customers to distribute the ProSight Portfolios server across multiple machines, including dedicating a separate server for the analytics engine. Users continue to use a single URL to log into Portfolios, without regard to which machine is processing their session. New LDAP integration simplifies user administration for large populations of users. The release incorporates a new graphics engine that provides a rich set of new views and also a new dashboard module to leverage them. The new enhancements to dependency tracking enable management of complex relationships among wide varieties of portfolio investments. For example, the cost of a program in the marketing investment portfolio can be allocated to the products it supports in the product portfolio. The type and weight of the dependencies can be used to perform calculations such as total program cost.

EVM Extension
The EVM Extension for ProSight’s Fast Track for CPIC Budgeting provides automated calculation and data collection for earned value metrics required of government agencies by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Currently, most agencies rely upon ad hoc EVM data collection methods that are error-prone and inefficient. ProSight’s collaborative environment provides a “single system of record” where all EVM stakeholders can manage the data in a secure environment using approved methods. ProSight’s approach also automates preparing reports for submission to the OMB and integrates appropriate EVM information into the capital planning process.

ProSight Propose
ProSight Propose enables enterprises to economically collect ideas, suggestions, and proposals via web-based forms, and route them to appropriate portfolios where ProSight’s rich analytics score and rank them. ProSight Propose has the ability to capture any kind of idea or suggestion including everything from new Information Technology (IT) software requests to human resources issues to new product initiatives. Since all actions in ProSight Portfolios are tracked in an audit log, this is particularly valuable for any process that has regulatory compliance considerations or other auditability requirements.

“ProSight works closely with our customers in order to keep pace with their ever-changing requirements,” said S. Caine O’Brien, ProSight’s vice-president of marketing. “They are applying our portfolio management solutions to a wider variety of investments, from marketing programs to portfolios that manage military capabilities. Their user populations are growing in size and represent a wide variety of stakeholders and roles. By meeting these requirements for diverse enterprise-scale deployments, these new product releases highlight ProSight’s unique capabilities in enterprise investment management.”

About ProSight
ProSight offers world-class Enterprise Investment Management solutions for government and business. These solutions drive the planning and control for all types of business or technology investments, deploying objective, auditable processes and metrics, while facilitating collaboration among all stakeholders. ProSight’s customers get rapid results, including rationalization of current spending, optimization of support for the business, and active governance to obtain the highest possible return on investment. For more information on ProSight and our customers’ success, visit

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