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PeerApp Announces Support for Pando’s Protocol

PeerApp Announces Support for Pando’s Protocol
June 3, 2008
Market Wire
By Mark Strangio

NEWTON, MA–(Marketwire – June 3, 2008) – PeerApp Ltd., the leader in intelligent media caching and content acceleration, announces support for Pando Network’s P2P protocol. The collaboration between PeerApp and Pando further enables Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content owners together to improve delivery of peer-to-peer (P2P) content over the Internet.

Pando provides a commercial P2P-based content delivery service, which is used by large broadcasters such as NBC Universal to distribute high quality video over the Internet. Pando is also a leading provider of a managed personal digital media service, with over 20 million subscribers using the P2P Pando Mail service to share large-sized user-generated content such as family photos and home videos

PeerApp’s support of Pando’s protocol will allow ISPs to optimize the delivery of Pando customers’ video and other multi-media. UltraBand systems let ISPs localize traffic, lower the cost of supporting P2P applications, and alleviate last-mile congestion. PeerApp has led the market in development of infrastructure-based solutions for delivery of bandwidth intensive applications, including HTTP video and P2P.

Pando protocol support is available in the most recent release of PeerApp UltraBand™ systems. PeerApp and Pando collaborated in integrating their two products as part of a strategic partnership announced in December 2007.

Pando Networks is a market leader in using P2P technology to scale delivery of video over the Internet. As part of its efforts to foster cooperation between ISPs and P2P application vendors, Pando co-founded the P4P working group consisting of ISPs, P2P application companies and network infrastructure providers, including PeerApp. As a core member of the P4P working group, PeerApp is leading the efforts to incorporate caching with the P4P architecture.

“Combining P2P delivery with P2P caching provides the highest quality of experience for consumers of Internet video and the most efficient network results for ISPs,” said Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando.

“Pando is a pioneer in P2P content delivery and in promoting new industry standards, such as the P4P initiative,” said Robert Mayer, PeerApp’s CEO. “We share Pando’s commitment to making the Internet a robust platform for multimedia content, and look forward to working further with the Pando team on enabling technologies and standards.”

In recent months, ISPs have been heavily criticized for their network management practices for P2P video content. As an alternative to traffic mitigation and throttling that can degrade peer-to-peer services, PeerApp’s media caching technology provides a positive bandwidth management solution that both reduces the network cost of support for rich media applications and improves application performance through content caching and acceleration. Deployed globally since 2006, PeerApp’s technology is already improving the quality of experience for millions of broadband consumers.

About PeerApp Ltd.

PeerApp ( is the technology innovator and leading provider of solutions that help ISPs worldwide manage P2P and HTTP video traffic to improve network efficiency while enhancing subscribers’ quality of experience. Based on patented P2P caching and acceleration technology, PeerApp solutions help ISPs create unique competitive advantage, sustain network growth, and build new revenue streams from broadband media delivery. Millions of broadband subscribers around the world receive high-quality video and other digital media through PeerApp systems.