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Passave Delivers the Most Highly Integrated System-on-a-Chip for Fiber-to-the-Home

PAS6201 builds on the experience of Passave`s PAS6001, the most widely deployed FTTH solution, which has shipped more than one million units to date.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 6, 2005 – Passave Inc., the leading provider of semiconductors for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), today announced commercial availability of the third-generation PAS6201 EPON optical networking unit (ONU). The PAS6201 builds on Passave`s successful second-generation PAS6001 ONU and the PAS6001 – the first IEEE802.3ah-compliant EPON ONU device and the only EPON ONU chip to ship in large volume. Earlier this year, PAS6001 shipments topped one million, making it the world`s most widely deployed FTTH chip. By providing the highest level of integration of any ONU chip on the market, the PAS6201 has achieved the lowest-cost bill of materials (BOM) for EPON ONUs to-date – reaching BOM savings of more than 16 (US) over the latest-generation devices recently announced by other vendors. It also enables true “triple-play” services (data, video, and voice on a single network) by providing gigabit-line-rate performance and the highest level of programmability among competing devices.

The third-generation PAS6201 is currently shipping in volume, providing an advanced ONU solution for new customers and a migration path for over 30 global networking OEMs that have standardized on the PAS6001 for PON systems currently in mass deployment.

The PAS6201 is the only PON ONU device to incorporate a complete ONU system-on-a-chip and an embedded, high-performance ARM9 CPU running standard operating systems such as Linux and VxWorks. This capability enables a true open-system environment and provides compatibility with standardized, third-party software for functions such as switching, VoIP (voice over IP), and an embedded web server. The PAS6201`s flexible packet-processing engine performs advanced flow classification, enabling segregation of services and guaranteed services throughout the network.

The PAS6201 supports Passave`s suite of programmable DBA (dynamic bandwidth allocation) algorithms, providing advanced traffic-reporting and management functionality. This capability supports advanced QoS (quality of service) and high network efficiency in anticipation of ever-changing traffic patterns and future applications. Assured triple-play is possible only by delivering present and future services through the use of flexible equipment that incorporates advanced, programmable DBA.

The PAS6201 is also the world`s first Ethernet device to provide forward error correction (FEC), which enables carriers to double the reach of an FTTH network or double the number of customers that can be served from a single optical line terminal (OLT) in the central office.

“Volume deployment requires low cost, high performance and flexible equipment,” said Michael Howard, co-founder and principal analyst at Infonetics Research, an international market research and consulting firm covering the data networking and telecommunications industries. “That is why carriers need highly integrated, high-performance, flexible devices. With the large installed base of the Passave PAS6001 and PAS5001-N devices, and an architecture that is compatible with the PAS6001-N-based ONUs, the PAS6201 is positioned to push the acceleration of FTTH.”

“With second-generation PAS6001 chips passing one-million-unit shipments, Passave is the only chip vendor that truly understands the complexities of mass deployment of FTTH,” said Ariel Maislos, president of Passave. “Now, with the PAS6201 third-generation ONU chip, we are solving problems that other vendors without volume deployments do not even know exist. This is the true value of assured triple-play, available only from Passave.” Assured triple-play is the technology protecting the investment a carrier makes in FTTH.

More information on the PAS6201 is available at

About Passave, Inc.
Passave is a provider of system-on-a-chip solutions for broadband fiber access. Passave has shipped over one million ONU devices and over two million OLT ports, making it by far the most widely accepted FTTH solution to date. Passave silicon offers complete, standard-compliant support of Quality-of-Service for advanced services such as “triple play” – data, video, and voice on a single network. Leveraging IP technologies, Passave offers its growing base of 30 OEM customers the lowest-cost bill of materials (BOM), the highest performance, and the shortest time-to-market. At the same time, Passave`s open-source software platforms and flexible.