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Passave and CopperGate Announce Joint Solution for Triple-Play over IP

Two Chipset Makers Enable High-Definition IP Multimedia over FTTH Networks and into Home

Santa Clara, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel – June 22, 2004 – Passave and CopperGate Communications today announced a joint solution that enables delivery and in-home distribution of voice, high-speed data, and high-definition video services – commonly known as ´triple play´ – over a single channel. The companies are demonstrating an end-to-end solution that combines gigabit-per-second home access over fiber networks with in-home distribution to consumer and computing appliances over coaxial cables and phone lines at a bandwidth of 128 megabits per second and with guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is approaching mass deployment with the new IEEE802.3ah Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) EPON standard. Passave, the market leader in EPON, has recently announced sales of over 500,000 ports of its EPON chip-set. ´The recent surge in demand for high bandwidths in the last mile opens the door for revenue-generating services such as IP-based high-definition television (HDTV),´ said Ariel Maislos, President of Passave. “This calls for home networking capable of delivering multiple HDTV IP streams over existing in-home wiring to every television set and bandwidth-hungry entertainment appliance”.

CopperGate´s CopperStreamTM products can carry 128 megabits per second of data over both coaxial cables and phone lines with guaranteed QoS and up to 90 percent user data throughput via a synchronous mode of operation that ensures delivery of data streams with predefined bandwidth, latency and jitter. These products are the first to comply with the HomePNA 3.0 specification, an extension of HomePNA 2, an ITU Standard.

“Using our joint reference design, an OEM can develop cost-effective networking equipment that utilizes the massive amount of data transmitted to the residence with Passave´s fiber-optic technology”, said Gabi Hilevitz, CopperGate CEO. “This development enables service providers to offer revenue-generating services not limited to just voice and high-speed data but including gaming, interactive multimedia and advanced applications such as standard and high-definition broadcast television (HDTV) and video on demand”.

“Survival of the incumbent telcos will depend on how successfully they transition from voice-based to broadband multi-service providers. We believe Fiber to the Premise and Fiber to the Curb (FTTP and FTTC) technologies provide the foundation for this transition”, said Steve Rago, Principal Analyst for Networking and Optical Communications with iSuppli (El Segundo, CA), a leading communications research firm. “Companies such as Passave enable cost-effective, high-performance FTTP and FTTC. Delivering the broadband service to the premises is part of the solution; the service must be delivered to appliances within the home. Existing-wire multimedia home networking technology, such as CopperGate´s, provides a solution which offers a high degree of reliability and scalability within the home”.

Together, Passave and CopperGate promise to help OEMs build equipment that delivers broadband media over fiber-optic networks directly to multimedia appliances in the home. The combined solution will be demonstrated at Supercomm 2004, June 22-24 in Chicago, in booth #12730.

About CopperGate Communications
CopperGate Communications develops advanced chipsets that enable the creation of a powerful multimedia home network backbone for distributing multiple video, audio, voice and data services among multiple devices over existing phone lines and coax cables. CopperGate´s unique CopperStream products, which are sampling today and will be in volume production the second half of 2004, provide high-performance low-cost home networking that serves the key needs of broadband service providers and subscribers. Founded in 2000, CopperGate is a privately held company with headquarters and R&D Center located in Tel Aviv, Israel and offices in Newark, California. For more information about CopperGate visit

About Passave
Passave Inc. is a fabless system-on-chip vendor offering integrated solutions for broadband fiber access. Passave delivers mature, standards-compliant and interoperable solutions for Ethernet passive optical networks (EPONs) that expedite the OEM design process and dramatically reduce product cost. Leveraging Ethernet and IP technologies, Passave offers complete chipsets for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) systems. Passave´s unique approach enables operators to generate significant revenues from popular broadband access applications. Founded in 2001, Passave has received strategic backing from leading venture capital firms and private investors. For more information about Passave , visit


Passave contact:
Dror Salee, VP Marketing
(650) 380-0647

CopperGate contact:
Richard Nesin, VP Marketing
(610) 395-1686