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Pando wins OnMedia Top 100 Company Award

Pando wins OnMedia Top 100 Company Award

The OnMedia 100 Top Companies, January 21, 2008
Full Article:

We proudly present this year’s OnMedia 100. With this list of top private companies, AlwaysOn’s editors and our panel of industry experts introduce a new generation of game-changing players in the marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations industries.

These 100 companies have emerged in an exciting year in the world of digital media. In 2007, Yahoo, WPP, Microsoft, AOL and Google engaged in an ad-network buying frenzy, snapping up several of last year’s winners, including Quigo and Blue Lithium. NBCU and News Corp jumped in the Internet TV game by launching Hulu, and and ESPN have bet on the Move Networks long-play video solution. Meanwhile, the major newspapers like USA Today found ways to “Web 2.0-ify” their offerings.

But the marketing and advertising industry hasn’t kept up with the eyeballs, which continue their exodus from TV to peer-created content. Ad agencies continue spending gobs on glitzy but poorly-trafficked destination websites, while the potential of social networking, user-generated content, and mobile advertising goes untapped. The OnMedia 100 companies are changing that.

This year’s list features top startups from emerging sectors like community platforms and mobile ad networks, as well as maturing ones like web analytics and digital publishing. Many of the top companies — like overall winner AdMob — are helping bridge the gap between new consumer behaviors and advertising dollars.

For the AlwaysOn Media 100 list, hundreds of private companies—spanning numerous sectors, all stages of corporate development, as well as the globe—were nominated. To make the final selection of companies that excel in AlwaysOn’s five primary evaluation criteria—innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value creation, and media attention or “buzz”—the panel drew on industry expertise from KPMG; Bridge Bank; Merrill Corporation; Manatt,Phelps & Philips; and AlwaysOn editors.

A full analysis of the OnMedia 100 Companies and the new marketing landscape will appear in the spring issue of the AO Magazine. Click here to learn how to get a copy of this issue.

The OnMedia 100 winners will honored at OnMedia NYC on January 28-30 at the Mandarin Oriental in New York City. Check out the full program for OnMedia here. Tickets are still available—click here to for more information.

Congratulations to the all OnMedia 100 winners! AlwaysOn and our partners look forward to honoring you at OnMedia on January 28th.

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