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Pando Renders Email Attachment Limits Obsolete


NEW YORK – Pando Networks Inc. today announced a first-of-its-kind solution for sharing consumers’ digital media – home movies, folders of family photos and business presentations – previously too large to send via email.

Pando is a small, free, downloadable application that lets people send large personal media using existing email addresses. Pando users can attach files of up to 1GB, creating no need to sacrifice quality with compression. Pando is perfect for the vast majority of people who don’t have the time or inclination to maintain a social network or don’t feel comfortable posting their personal photos and videos to a public Web site. With Pando, large files are sent privately, securely and directly from one person’s computer to another using the familiar and unrivaled standard for sending files – email.

Until now, Pando has been in a closed, invitation-only beta test, during which time Pando users could invite friends to download the application. During its five-month closed-beta period, and with no publicity, Pando became a viral success story with well over a half-million installs. To date, Pando has delivered 1.5 petabytes (a billion-and-a-half megabytes) of data.

“Every computer user has experienced the frustration of trying to send large files via email,” said Robert Levitan, Pando co-founder and CEO. “Pando’s intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allows users to send personal media – files and folders – to anyone with an email address, regardless of his or her computing skill level. As a viral product with great consumer benefit, Pando can accelerate the sharing of home videos, photos and large business documents over the Internet for users worldwide.”

Pando is the first peer-to-peer/email hybrid of its kind; Pando combines the distribution efficiencies of peer-to-peer technology with the asynchronous “send-and-forget” paradigm of email. Using expanded BitTorrent technology, the Pando application bypasses email servers and clogged inboxes to transport large files and folders directly from senders’ to recipients’ computers.

“Pando is a little app with a lot of muscle,” said Pando co-founder and VP of products, Yaron Samid. “While PC processing power, storage space and the size of digital media have expanded rapidly, efficient private transport of rich media has been greatly lacking. With the average consumer digital camera now producing high-resolution photos and video files, the time has come to rethink email as we know it. Pando brings the power of peer-to-peer to the long neglected email attachment.”

For more information or to start using Pando, please visit

About Pando Networks Inc.
Pando Networks is a privately held company that provides transport for today’s large personal media. The company offers a free, simple to use consumer application with an underlying peer-to-peer network architecture. Based in New York City, Pando Networks is led by CEO Robert Levitan, co-founder of iVillage. The company is funded by Intel Capital, BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners. For more information, please visit

SOURCE: Pando Networks, Inc.
CONTACT: Alan Danzis of RLM PR, (212) 741-5106 x256