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Pando Networks Releases Online Game Delivery Report

Shows Global Network Speeds Faster Than Akamai

Pando Networks, a leading provider of online game delivery and marketing services, today released its annual game delivery report showing game download performance around the globe. This year’s report aggregates data from more than 12 million game downloads from January through June of 2010.

The 2010 Pando Networks Online Game Delivery Report includes performance data gathered from 124 games and 14 petabytes of data delivered across more than 14,000 ISPs in 223 countries. The report includes information about game download completion rates and delivery speeds in various countries and on leading ISPs around the globe as well as performance across different states within the United States.

Pando Networks provides web services and software that accelerate online game delivery. Pando is not a traditional content delivery network (CDN). Pando services interoperate with any CDN to improve download performance.

The Pando report illustrates how the online game business is impacted by connection speeds in different locations. For example, 8 of the 12 cities with the fastest connection speeds are in South Korea while 3 of the 12 slowest cities are in Brazil. Correspondingly, South Korea has one of the highest game download completion rates and Korean companies are online game industry market leaders.

Some highlights of the 2010 Pando Networks Online Game Delivery Report are as follows:

•Game download speed is 380% faster in South Korea than in the United States.
•Comcast and Verizon have the fastest connections speeds of all US network carriers.
•Delaware has the fastest connection speed of all US states.
•In South Korea, which has the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds, Pando delivers data 69% faster than Akamai*, the world’s leading CDN services company.
•In the United States Pando delivers data 13% faster than Akamai*.
•On a global basis, the average measured connection speeds for content delivered using Pando services were 188% faster than speeds reported by Akamai*.
•Windows XP is the most popular operating system for MMO (massively multiplayer online) gamers.
(* All Akamai performance data is from the Akamai State of the Internet Report Q1 2010)

Pando Networks primarily delivers free to play games that are downloaded to PCs. DFC Intelligence, a strategic market research firm focused on interactive entertainment and online gaming, recently published a report about the market for downloadable online games. In this report, DFC estimates that the market for English language client-based free to play games was $249 million in 2009 and will reach $2 billion annually by 2015.

A copy of 2010 Pando Networks Online Game Delivery Report is being distributed with the DFC Market for English Language Client-based F2P PC Games report and is also available by contacting Pando directly.

Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando Networks said “Pando is proud to work with so many of the world’s leading online game companies. We are happy to share this data in an effort to help all online game companies benchmark their performance against the state of online game delivery”

About Pando Networks Inc. (
Pando Networks optimizes online delivery of media assets such as games, video and software. Pando provides web services and software that accelerate content delivery and provide detailed performance data. Pando is funded by Intel Capital, BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners.

Contact: Narkis Engler