Pando Networks Announces P2P Video Streaming Service

Publishd on, June 21, 2007 , 9:05 AM ET

Pando Networks Inc., creators of the Internet’s fastest growing managed peer-to-peer content delivery platform, today announced a new service to enable commercial content owners and media companies to stream and download full-screen HD-quality video to unlimited audiences, with their existing content delivery networks (CDNs), at a fraction of cost of using CDNs alone. The service, Pando Publisher, just garnered Pando Networks this year’s TechCrunch Top Connected Innovator award, to be presented at the Supernova 2007 conference today in San Francisco.

Pando Publisher peer-assisted content delivery and management service includes a Web-based media console for publishing, tracking and monetizing high quality streaming and downloaded video, and a powerful CDN Peering technology that enables publishers to reduce their bandwidth costs by up to 99% without configuration or changes to existing CDNs. Pando intelligently offloads bandwidth from CDN Web servers to available viewers, accelerating delivery and reducing costs as content becomes more popular.

The service also features unique built-in dynamic online and offline video ad insertion tools, detailed user and usage reporting and robust API for seamless integration into existing video management and CDN consoles.

Unlike P2P video aggregation services such as Joost, Pando Publisher enables publishers to distribute their own content, on their own sites, to their own consumers. Pando’s award-winning client has already been installed by 8.5 million people in its first year of commercial availability. Now, some of the first customers using Pando Publisher service include, Revver and Next New Networks.

“We’re excited to bring the speed, efficiency and ease of Pando to streaming video and thrilled to be recognized as a top innovator in our industry,” said Robert Levitan, Pando Networks’ CEO. “P2P radically changes the economics of online media distribution. Now Pando can help content companies offer consumers breathtaking HD video experiences online.”

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About Pando Networks Inc.

Pando Networks is a leading provider of media distribution services that enable content owners to cost-effectively distribute hi-resolution media via the Web, RSS, Email, IM and portable devices. Pando’s patent-pending hybrid peer-to-peer platform combines commercial-grade content control with the network-effect of consumer super-distribution. Based in New York, the private Pando Networks is led by CEO Robert Levitan, the co-founder of iVillage. The Company is funded by Intel Capital, BRM Capital and Wheatley Partners. For more — or to start using Pando immediately — please log on to

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