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Oplus Technologies Launches RaphaelTM HDTV-Ready Flat Panel TV Reference Design and Manufacturing Kit

MonetTM-203 based Raphael speeds manufacturers’ time to market

CES, Las Vegas, January 8, 2004 – Oplus Technologies, Ltd., a leading provider of innovative systems-on-chip and software solutions for digital displays, today launched the RaphaelTM reference design and manufacturing kit for an HDTV-ready, feature-rich flat panel television. Raphael, a hardware and software reference design with a complete production-ready manufacturing kit, provides best-in-class image quality and advanced functionality, including direct display of digital camera photos on a high resolution flat panel TV without first downloading them to a PC.

The Raphael reference design is based on Oplus’ MonetTM-203 integrated multimedia digital display processor chip, and utilizes best-in-class components. Delivering superb image quality and extensive, fully customizable functionality, Raphael’s compact design and highly affordable bill of materials ensure high-value, cost effective products.

“Raphael enables manufacturers to minimize the time, risk and costs of getting to market with a sophisticated, yet easy to use flat panel TV that is primed for HDTV content,” said Ron Dagan, VP Marketing at Oplus. “It gives them access to a wide range of features that will differentiate their products, with full flexibility to tailor features and functions according to their needs. At the same time, as a proven, fully working design, Raphael allows them to proceed straight to production.”

Key Features
* Supports up to WXGA 1365 x 768 display resolution
* Utilizes Oplus’ proprietary Pixel EntropyTM de-interlacing and video enhancement technology for premium quality progressive video image
* HDTV-ready, supporting 480p, 720p, and 1080i formats
* Multiple video inputs enable direct connection of DVD, VCR, set top box, PC, and game consoles
* Dual TV tuner option using Oplus’ MatisseTM-1 deinterlacer
* FlexPIPTM, supporting PIP/PBP and Multi-Window
* Zoom functions
* Full world-wide VBI processing, including Teletext, CC and VChip
* 3D comb filter for a noise free picture
* Direct display of digital camera photographs, with advanced photo album capabilities, via an on-board USB host controller
* Automatic LCD backlight intensity adjustment
* Automatic ambient light adjustment
* Stereo audio outputs with power amplifier
* Flexible display interfaces – supports both DVI and LVDS standards

The Raphael reference design and manufacturing kit includes a prototype board, full schematics and Gerber files, firmware, powerful development tools, and documentation. It will be available in February 2004. To learn more about Raphael and about Oplus display and video processor ICs, contact your local Oplus representative or

About Oplus Technologies
Oplus Technologies Ltd. is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets integrated circuit and software solutions for flat panel Plasma and LCD-TVs, Projection Systems, LCD multi-function monitors and emerging digital display applications. Oplus’ feature-enhanced products use its proprietary “Display to PerfectionTM” advanced video and image processing algorithms to address the most demanding digital display applications. Oplus Technologies is headquartered in Yokne’am, Israel, and has distribution and support operations in all other major markets. Further information is available at

Oplus Technologies
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