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On or Offline, Holiday Shoppers Live for Bargains

New York, New York (January 27, 2010) – Eyeblaster, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, confirms what many have suspected consumer online habits mimic shopping patterns seen in brick and mortar retailers. New data shows that shoppers are on the lookout for deals regardless of the channel, behaving online just as they do offline, responding to sales and discounts offered by online retailers with conversions spiking on Black Friday and post-Christmas sales. Download the research note at .

Eyeblaster analyzed conversions from more than 10 billion impressions and thousands of ads that were served in North America during the holiday season. Conversions measure users who have browsed the advertiser’s website after viewing an ad and have signaled their intent to purchase or have completed the purchase online. Conversions represent a range of actions an advertiser would like the consumer to take, which can include downloading brochures, submitting a form or completing a transaction online.

“For marketers, knowing that consumer habits online mirror the offline channel shows that the combination of display advertising and e-commerce resonates with the end user,” said Gal Trifon, CEO and Co-founder at Eyeblaster. “This research also highlights the unique potential of addressable advertising in making digital channels even more effective conversion producers.”

Research Highlights
The top three online shopping periods imitate offline spending habits with the highest conversion rates occurring from November 30 to December 2 (Cyber Monday, and the Tuesday and Wednesday following it), December 19 to December 23 (the five days preceding Christmas) and December 28 to December 30 (after Christmas sales). On the other hand, consumers are less inclined to shop online during the holiday itself as conversions hit their lows on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas. Additionally, during Cyber Monday conversions increased by 15.9% from the previous day conversions, reaching their all time high on the Monday following Christmas.

Although consumer behaviors remain consistent across channels, here are three unique opportunities that digital channels offer:
– Targeting based on-site behavior
– Sequenced messaging with tailored ads according to projected path to conversion
– Coupling the buying power of ad exchanges with the real time bidding potential of demand side platforms

Eyeblaster periodically produces global research on ad formats, consumer behavior, and metrics and analytics. For more information on Eyeblaster research, visit

About Eyeblaster
In 1999, Eyeblaster was among the pioneers in rich media communication. Today, Eyeblaster extends its inventive heritage in digital advertising to ad serving and global campaign management. As the leading provider of digital advertising solutions, Eyeblaster empowers marketers to engage consumers online. The company’s flagship product, MediaMind, is the only ad serving and campaign management solution built from the ground up for agencies and advertisers. MediaMind includes critical functions that simplify campaign process, enable cross channel analytics, and streamline integration with other technology components.

Headquartered in New York, Eyeblaster has 36 offices across all major markets worldwide. This footprint allows Eyeblaster customers to deploy global campaigns with guaranteed service levels, publisher acceptance and integrated metrics. The company is the only publisher-independent provider in the field, as well as the only one certified for compliance with the three IAB measurement guidelines: ad serving, video and rich media.

In 2009, Eyeblaster delivered campaigns in a variety of ad formats including rich media, in-stream video, display, search and mobile for over 8,500 brands serving approximately 3,400 agencies across over 5,200 global web publishers in 45 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit

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