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NFV Orchestration and Docker Container Support Make Debut in New Version of Cloudify Open Source Cloud Orchestration Platform

Enterprise Cloudify Users will Present at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver This Week, Showing How They Extend Their OpenStack Environments to VMware, SoftLayer, AWS, Google and More

VANCOUVER, British Columbia // May 20, 2015 — OPENSTACK SUMMIT — The latest version of Cloudify open source multi-cloud orchestration software is now available, bringing pure-play cloud orchestration to every major cloud platform. The software, supported by GigaSpaces, is at work across industries and geographies, from financial services to telecommunications leaders in the United States and Europe. Several of these enterprise users are presenting at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver this week.

The new version, Cloudify 3.2, adds a set of capabilities equipping the pure-play, TOSCA-based cloud orchestration platform to manage the application life cycle across every major cloud platform, supporting apps running on VMs, bare metal and Linux containers. It also adds new support for service providers implementing orchestration of NFV (network functions virtualization).

News Facts:
Cloudify is the only pure-play, standards-based (TOSCA) cloud orchestration platform that supports every major cloud infrastructure offering.
Version 3.2 is now available for download here.
Several Cloudify users are speaking at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.

Cloudify Now Supports:
OpenStack Kilo, Nova, Neutron, Nova-Network, Cinder
apps running on clouds powered by VMware VSphere, VMware VCloud and VCloud Air, Amazon Web Services, and SoftLayer; Google Compute Engine coming soon
application orchestration across Linux container technologies, most notably Docker
specific enhancements for NFV/VNF Orchestration including IPv6, and Remote agent monitoring
reference architecture for TOSCA/YANG/Tail-f integration, and a reference architecture for deploying multi-tier VNF’s (virtualized network function) such as ClearWater IMS
enhanced security features including REST API authentication with LDAP and encryption between the command-line interface and the Cloudify manager

Cloudify 3.2 simplifies cloud orchestration with new features such as:
Simple TOSCA orchestration tool known as cfy-local that will allow users to execute TOSCA templates through a single library or command line tool.
TOSCA visual blueprint composer via drag-and-drop editor
Zero installation test-drive

Why Enterprises and Service Providers Are Embracing Pure-Play Cloud Orchestration
Cloudify is open source, pure-play cloud orchestration software. It follows the TOSCA specification which suits well with the pure play approach due to its built-in neutrality. Pure play refers to the software’s focus on orchestration regardless of underlying infrastructure. Cloudify integrates natively with OpenStack similarly to any other OpenStack project , having said that It is not bounded to OpenStack or to any other specific cloud environments, virtualization approaches or toolsets.

With Cloudify, enterprises can use a single, open source cloud orchestration platform across OpenStack, VMware or AWS clouds, with virtualization approaches such as VMs or Docker containers, and with different automation toolsets like Puppet, Chef or Saltstack.

Service Providers are using Cloudify as a pure play orchestration to manage their virtualized network function (VNFs) services and leverage their existing Yang/Tailf network orchestration. Cloudify serves as a common management framework between their NFV and IT environment. Some of these service providers will be presenting their use cases at OpenStack Israel in Tel Aviv on June 15.

In her report, “NFV MANO: What’s Wrong & How to Fit It,” Caroline Chappell, principal analyst at Heavy Reading, explains the role of GigaSpaces Cloudify: “One enterprise IT vendor (GigaSpaces) has been included in this report because its open source technology is the basis for a number of telco vendors’ NFV MANO implementations.”

“Enterprises are discovering that the rate of change in IT is accelerating,” said Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces. “The toll of competition demands that organizations adopt more efficient, agile technologies or become eclipsed by fast-moving competitors. As a result, IT leadership is looking for ways to keep up.

“Likewise, service providers are finding that in order to keep up they must become less dependent on legacy hardware, opting for open, standards-based solutions. Pure-play cloud orchestration is one tool they’re embracing to put resources to work deploying new technologies rather than running a portfolio of orchestration tools. Pure-play means that one platform rules them all.”

GigaSpaces Attending OpenStack Summit Vancouver
GigaSpaces is a sponsor of the OpenStack Summit Vancouver this week, with GigaSpaces experts and Cloudify users participating in various sessions:
Componentized Architecture and Cloud: The Importance of Partnership
Orchestration Tool Roundup – Kubernetes vs. Heat vs. Fleet vs. MaestroNG vs. TOSCA
GigaSpaces: Real World Example of Orchestrating Docker, NodeJS and NFV on OpenStack
Visit Booth T62 to explore Cloudify and learn how one platform can extend an OpenStack environment across every other major cloud environment.