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With the increased adoption of Android devices among Kids, Tweens, Teens and even Grandparents, PlayScape will make waiting in the long, last minute holiday shopping lines fun for the entire family

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 21, 2011 – What if you could use bonus points from the mobile game Words With Friends™ to advance a level in Drop7™, then gain experience points from progressing to the next level in Poker, and use the virtual currency you earn in all of these games to buy virtual goods redeemable in any game, entirely on your mobile phone?

PlayScape is the first mobile Mega-Game to provide users with a uniform cross-game experience by allowing Experience Points and Virtual Currency accumulated in one game to be completely transferable to any game. With Android having crossed the tipping point to become the leading smartphone platform with a 52.5% share of the global smartphone market (Gartner), the ease-of-use made possible by PlayScape will provide a solid starting point for those new to mobile gaming while still challenging hard core gamers.

PlayScape is free and available for download in the Google Android Market.

MoMinis developed PlayScape based on the company’s extensive game playing analysis of the 200+ games created with The MoMinis Studio, which allowed the company to understand the broad range of player behavior and motivation. This resulted in the creation of the PlayScape Mega-Game which was developed for a range of player types with incentives built-in to the process, creating a uniform and fun cross game experience.

What makes the PlayScape gaming experience so engaging are the cross-game, constantly refreshed Missions which players achieve and the Experience Points which players earn as part of the playing experience. The Mission Wall provides users with a range of constantly updated missions which enable them to accrue Experience Points for completing various tasks. Players also earn Virtual Currency – PlayScape Coins – for unlocking new games / levels, and completing a task from the Mission Wall. PlayScape Coins are redeemable for virtual goods, new games and power ups.

PlayScape is free and includes 50 games of all genres including arcade, casual, sports, puzzle, action, and brain. The 40,000 daily (and growing) downloads for MoMinis stand-alone games (all in PlayScape) include Bouncy Bill, a leading new arcade game in the Android Market with 500,000 downloads ; Hoopz, a slam-dunk sports game to test your aiming skills on the basketball court; Ninja Run, an action-adventure game, and Bubble Monkey, an arcade game the whole family can play.

“PlayScape is the product of three years of analysis of game playing usage patterns in order to create an intuitive, user-friendly game experience that would be as natural for my grandmother as it would be to a hardcore gamer,” said Eyal Rabinovich, MoMinis VP Marketing and co-founder. “With all games developed on The MoMinis Studio, PlayScape guarantees a stable gaming experience regardless of the Android mobile phones and tablets being used.”

MoMinis provides developers and mobile operators with an end-to-end cross-platform mobile gaming solution, from development to distribution. MoMinis offers developers The MoMinis Studio, a free rapid development environment to quickly and easily develop games in hours and days instead of weeks and months, supporting a range of operating systems including Android for mobile phones and tablets. Once their games are complete, developers can have MoMinis distribute their games and earn a share of the revenue generated. MoMinis is a partner with leading international mobile operators, including NTT DoCoMo and Turkcell, providing them with mobile games.

In several tests conducted by MoMinis, the company generated download to paying customer conversion rates between 5 – 12%, significantly higher than the 1 –3% industry standard. Using a Freemium business model, in Q1 2012, developers will begin earning revenue from monetization opportunities in PlayScape from virtual currency, advertising, alternative payments and other paid services. Of course, players will be able to play for free by completing enough Missions and earning enough Experience Points and PlayScape Coins virtual currency.

About MoMinis
MoMinis provides game developers and mobile operators with an end-to-end mobile gaming solution, from development to distribution. The company’s PlayScape offering is the first mobile Mega-Game to provide users with a uniform cross-game experience by allowing Experience Points and Virtual Currency accumulated in one game to be completely transferable to any game. PlayScape is available for free on the Google Android Market.

MoMinis is a privately-held company funded by BRM Capital and Mitsui Ventures. MoMinis offers a landmark cross-platform solution for the fast creation and publishing of mobile games. Games developed with The MoMinis Studio instantly operate on hundreds of mobile devices across multiple platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian and J2ME and are eligible for distribution in MoMinis’ Global Distribution Network. The MoMinis Studio is available as a free download at