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MOMINIS Introduces Its Collaboration Program to Simplify the Transition of Games to Mobile for Developers and Studios

Tel Aviv, IL – June 28, 2012 – MoMinis today introduces its new Collaboration Program, which helps developers transition their games from the Web, PC or other platforms to mobile. The Israeli-based gaming company, which focuses on providing solutions for developers and players in today’s fragmented gaming marketplace, is partnering with independent developers and leading studios worldwide to create and distribute their existing gaming concepts on Android at no cost.

“Our goal has always been to make it easy to either create, publish or engage with games on any mobile device,” said Eyal Rabinovich, Co-Founder of MoMinis. “The Collaboration Program epitomizes this and complements our existing solutions for developers by using our ability to create and distribute content quickly. The result is more developers’ games on mobile and more people playing them.”

Under its Collaboration Program, MoMinis will create, publish and monetize the mobile version of a developer partner’s existing game. Revenues generated from the mobile game’s distribution, by either the developer or MoMinis, will be split between the two companies.
The Program includes three main phases: development; publishing and on-going optimization. First, MoMinis will employ its development studio and existing expertise to make the necessary adaptations to the original game in order to create a successful Android version. Next, MoMinis will publish and promote the game to its network of more than 25 million users worldwide. And last, using its unique in-game analytics system to monitor and track users’ behavior, MoMinis will optimize and modify the games to ensure a positive user experience, high engagement and profitability.

MoMinis has already demonstrated success with the Collaboration Program. Pets Fun House—a PC game initially published by Big Fish Studios—was released in May 2012 on Android and generated more than 250,000 downloads in just one week. It is currently ranked number 39 in the U.S. in the casual games category and generated an average ranking of 4.3 by users, according to Google Play.
To become MoMinis Collaboration Partner, developers must have a working version of a particular game on PC or a platform that demonstrates the quality of the game; a proven track record of that games’ success on the existing platform; and a game design document. Developers and studios can apply for the Program by visiting MoMinis will reply to them within a week of the application and, if they are chosen to participate, will help the company develop and distribute its game concept within two to three months.

MoMinis plans to add 20 companies to the Collaboration Program by the end of 2012. Initial participants include: Arkadium, a top game development studio in New York known for Mahjongg-Dimensions, Sparks and other casual and social games; Awem Studio, a casual game developer in Eastern Europe known for PC and Mac family games such as Cradle of Egypt, Aquitania and more; and Linksolutions, a Hong Kong-based studio known for its social games on Facebook and e-books for iOS such as Pets Fun House and Trpeeze, among others.

“We are excited to join MoMini’s Collaboration Program which enables us to easily expand our mobile activities,” said Mary Poltinnikova, Sr. Business Development of Awem. “MoMinis assists us in solving the main challenges and simplifies this process. By taking advantage of all of MoMinis’ assets, we feel that this collaboration will enhance our success in mobile.”
MoMinis already offers development and distribution tools for independent developers including The MoMinis Studio. Using the Studio, developers can easily complete the full lifecycle of mobile game creation – from the initial creative concept to rapid game completion. Games developed with The MoMinis Studio instantly operate on hundreds of Android devices and tablets, and are available for distribution in MoMinis’ Games Network. The MoMinis Studio is available as a free download at

About MoMinis
MoMinis provides game developers and publishers with simplified end-to-end mobile gaming solutions, from development to distribution. A privately held company funded by BRM Capital and Mitsui Ventures, MoMinis offers landmark cross-platform solutions for the fast creation and publishing of mobile games. Founded in 2008, MoMinis encompasses a network of more than 25 million users.