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Tel Aviv, IL and NEW YORK – Feb. 7, 2013 – Five years after it began and 40 million users later, MoMinis is making some big changes. The company is completely rebranding with a new name and logo, and releasing a suite of 100 original games. Beginning today, MoMinis will be referred to as PlayScape™, based on the mobile game publisher’s highly successful mega-game concept that it pioneered in 2011.
“We’ve grown exponentially and evolved significantly, and we want our name and brand to reflect that,” said Eyal Rabinovich, co-founder of MoMinis. “PlayScape represents our vision of providing a fully integrated ecosystem, from development and distribution, to optimization and data analysis in one holistic offering.”
The PlayScape umbrella brand will be packaged with a new logo and a completely overhauled website,, and will unite all of the integrated solutions and development tools that the company provides, including:
• The PlayScape Studio™ (formerly The MoMinis Studio) encompasses several improvements such as enhanced visual effect capabilities to support hardware accelerated scaling and rotation, improved collision detection, full accelerometer support and Facebook integration. Future enhancements will provide more monetization resources for developers and iOS support.
• The PlayScape Platform™ ensures games’ discoverability and gives them immense exposure, and will automatically integrate any games created with The PlayScape Studio™.
• The PlayScape Center™ is an advanced data analysis center that collects data from PlayScape and utilizes it to optimize the distribution of games on the huge network that the company manages.
Added Rabinovich, “While our name and look has changed, our commitment to providing the best possible levels of service to our partners and to all developers and game players has not.”
To complement the new branding, PlayScape will release 100 games within the next year. The games will range from classic arcade and action games to complex puzzle games featuring more than 100 levels. The games also will embrace PlayScape’s social layer as an integral part of the game play.
PlayScape – formerly MoMinis – now reaches 40 million users, 6 million monthly active users, 1 million daily active users and garners more than 100,000 downloads a day. The company provides game developers with unique, simplified end-to-end mobile game development solutions including comprehensive and free development tools, marketing and distribution.
PlayScape recently secured $6 million in additional funding to help scale its programs for game developers and find new ways to increase user retention, distribution and discoverability of mobile games. The company plans to add another $4 million in funding to complete the latest round, and accomplish the aforementioned goals.
About PlayScape, formerly MoMinis
Founded in 2008, PlayScape – formerly MoMinis – is a game publisher that provides game developers with simplified end-to-end mobile gaming solutions, from development to distribution. PlayScape encompasses a network of 40 million participating game players in its network, and is a privately held company funded by BRM Group, Gemini Israel Ventures and Mitsui Ventures. For more information, visit
Press Contact: Joanna Roses