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Invoke Solutions Now Offers Elegant Answer to Order Bias Challenges

Dynamic Survey 4.0 Enables More Certainty about Results

BOOTH #420–AMA MARKETING RESEARCH CONFERENCE-September 20, 2004-Invoke SolutionsT, a leading innovator of online, collaborative market research solutions, today unveiled Dynamic Survey 4.0, the latest release of its market-changing knowledge platform.

Dynamic Survey is a powerful real-time, interactive research platform that facilitates informed and confident decision making. This is done by leveraging the power of the Internet to generate immediate insight to new products and concept ideas through a live interactive dialogue with 100 or more engaged participants. With Dynamic Survey 4.0, users will find features that include Concept Rotation, where participants can view multiple concepts in a single live session such that different groupings of participants will see the concepts in a different order.

“Independent studies have shown that survey participants will, when presented with more than one concept or choice, typically choose the first item in a list. We call this ‘order bias.’ Dynamic Survey 4.0 is designed specifically to help researches overcome this obstacle by allowing the researchers to present lists in different orders to different people. We believe this feature makes Dynamic Survey 4.0 a vital asset to knowledge workers,” said Corey Torrence, CEO of Invoke Solutions.

Key enhancements to Dynamic Survey 4.0 include:

Concept Rotation
Concept Rotation is accomplished by distributing participants among groups based upon the number of concepts being tested. Each group then sees the concepts in a different random order with each concept taking the first position in one of the groups.
* A rotation wizard gives the moderator full manual control over every aspect of the concepts and questions being rotated.
* Rotations can be paused at any point and the system remembers the specific point the rotation was stopped at and which participants were exposed to which questions, allowing resuming the deployment from the point it was previously stopped.
* The list view allows observers to see questions deployed to different groups in parallel and to watch answers from all rotation groups.

Foreign Language
Dynamic Survey moves into the global offering space with support for the both English and Spanish languages.
* Spanish language was introduced in Dynamic Survey 3.2 and reaches the US Hispanic market, as well as Central and South American and Europe.
* The entire participant experience is supported in the study language. Observers have the option of using the dashboard with the study language interface or the traditional English language Interface.

Dynamic Data Cleaning
* Data cleaning is done in real time and in post-session providing a more accurate real time view of information.
* Participants whom did not answer X% (default is 60%) of the questions will have their data removed from the reports. The clean up threshold value is set per project, if it is changed in a session, the value will be updated in all parallel sessions of the project.
* Kicked out user data is cleaned from the post-session dashboard and from the reports.
* Cleaned data is reflected in the reports and in the post-session dashboard

Observer Dashboard
The Moderator and Observer dashboard design has been updated to provide a better real-time view that enables you to see the critical information.
* The material list has been revised to provide an “at a glance” view that shows the organization of concepts, stimuli and which question is currently being deployed.
* A line separates each question, slide and clusters. Therefore when two or more questions share the same slide the slide name will appear only once.
* Questions are color coded for easy status; Unsent questions’ color is black, sent questions’ is Gray. Remarks are in blue.

Invoke Media Creator
With Dynamic Survey 4.0, Invoke Solutions delivers a researcher-focused tool that greatly simplifies and speeds up the creation of session materials.
* Word processor-like approach eliminating the additional time and need for a “DP” person to code your discussion guide
* Template oriented approach that makes guide creation largely a matter of gathering parts from preexisting pieces.
* Quickly imports into Dynamic Survey significantly reducing the lead time required to get materials into Invoke Solutions. ok and feel as well as last minute changes quick and

About Invoke SolutionsT
Invoke Solutions, founded in 1999, is a key player in the knowledge & insight industry, driving transformation from traditional research methods to real-time, very rich, online solutions. Unlike existing marketing research technologies that are based on chat rooms, bulletin boards or asynchronous surveys, with Invoke Solutions, both qualitative and quantitative market research studies can be combined in one, online, real-time session. This enables faster, more confident decisions – especially when a lot is riding on the decision.