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Hyper Scale Transceiver Maker, ColorChip, Demonstrates World’s First 200G FR4 QSFP56 Transceiver Using Uncooled DML’s

YOKNE’AM, Israel, Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — ColorChip today announced the demonstration of the world’s first 200G 4x50G FR4 2km transceiver featuring uncooled CWDM4 DML’s driving 50G PAM4 modulation and packaged in a compact QSFP56 form factor.
The 200G FR4 2km QSFP56 transceiver, based on the IEEE 802.3bs specification, is an extension of ColorChip’s product family of 40G/100G QSFPx transceivers, leveraging ColorChip’s patented SystemOnGlass™ platform.

The 200G FR4 consists of four 50G PAM4 channels at both the electrical and optical interfaces, employing efficient DSP-based re-timers and uncooled DFB lasers operating on the CWDM4 grid, packaged in a compact QSFP56 form factor and with a standard Duplex LC optical interface. The transceiver features 3 generation 40G/100G backward compatibility and provides built-in transmitter and receiver diagnostics.
The 200G FR4 demonstration employs a DSP IC to provide 4 x 50G PAM4 signal generation and error detection, displaying an operating link over single mode fiber. A typical DML based PAM4 eye diagram is shown in figure 1.

The 200G FR4 2km QSFP56 transceiver is the first in the family of ColorChip PAM4 products. It provides the building blocks for the realization of a 200G DR4 500m transceiver as well as the first step towards 400G. The module can be packaged in an OSFP form factor as well.
High Volume 40G/100G/200G Optical Module Manufacturing

Historically, ColorChip has introduced several first-to-market products that were based on the very same patented TOSA/ ROSA optical engine concept, facilitating a minimal time between product generations. Likewise, the 200G FR4 QSFP56 transceiver employs the same SystemOnGlass™ optical engine concepts used today in ColorChip’s 100G product family. The 200G FR4 QSFP56 transceiver will share the tooling and production lines for high volume production with the products that are presently in production.
To meet the extraordinary bandwidth growth of today’s datacenter, ColorChip has significantly increased the manufacturing throughput of its family of QSFP based transceivers. ColorChip has invested $80M, secured over the past 2 years, to expand the throughput of its industrialized-optics TOSA/ROSA assembly lines in the Israel based facility and to double the optical module integration and testing floor space to 7,000 square feet in Fabrinet. With a quarter of a million transceivers annual production throughput, ColorChip is strongly positioned to support high volume 100G and 200G shipments in 2018.

About ColorChip:
ColorChip ( is a global provider of hyper-scale optical transceivers supporting the growing need for bandwidth scale. ColorChip is headquartered in Yokne’am, Israel, where it’s fully owned, industrialized optics-based FAB is dedicated to the production of PLC based SystemOnGlass™, a dense, multi-lane, hybrid photonic integrated circuit used as the foundation of the company hyper scale Transceivers, providing a platform of scalability that seamlessly transitioned from 40G to 200G moving towards 400G and beyond as its natural horizons. ColorChip has a production facility in Thailand and offices in San Jose, California.

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Noa Kotok
Manager, Sales & Marketing