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GigaSpaces Marks Banner Year with 300% Sales Increase, Doubling of Staff, Growing Market Demand, Geographic Expansion, and Partnership Momentum

New York, NY – January 3, 2007 – Addressing its substantial corporate growth, product development, and global market acceptance in 2006, GigaSpaces Technologies announced today it achieved record sales for the year while substantially exceeding its key development, marketing, and operational milestones. Founded in 2000 and emerging today as a leading solution provider in the enterprise application development market with its innovative Space-based Architecture vision, GigaSpaces in 2006 achieved a 300% increase in sales based on sweeping gains in multiple vertical markets, a global expansion of its corporate presence in five major cities, a doubling of its employee base, and a combination of OEM and co-marketing partnerships helping to bring the number of deployments to more than 300 worldwide.

More specifically, the Company, which shipped the first commercial version of its product in 2003, provided the following details of its 2006 milestones:

Quadrupled sales from last year with dozens of new Global 1000 customers in financial services, telecommunications, media, online gaming, as well as U.S. federal government agencies;
Doubled the number of employees with additions in all departments including R&D, sales, marketing, and support;
Established new offices and sales presence in London, San Francisco, Paris, and Atlanta and a US Federal Government practice in the Washington DC-area;
Completed new partnership agreements with Hewlett-Packard, HCL, Platform Computing, Satyam, Lightstreamer, Interface21, and MuleSource;
Expanded go-to-market activities with Intel, Sun, IBM, and HP;
Secured hundreds of new customer deployments via OEM partnerships;
Welcomed FTVentures as a new investor in the Company; and,
Announced the major release of version 5.2 with key innovations including support for Spring, POJOs, transparent .Net, performance enhancements, and dynamic management based on SLAs.
“GigaSpaces’ 2006 results clearly show that the market is embracing our message that traditional tier-based architectures have hit a wall,” said Yaron Benvenisti, Chief Executive Officer at GigaSpaces. “Our customers are realizing that there is a vastly simpler and more cost-effective way to build applications for high-performance and extreme scalability. With GigaSpaces as their application infrastructure software, they are experiencing up to 100 times performance improvement while using fewer and cheaper computers in a scale-out architecture – results they could never achieve with traditional middleware technologies.”

“Looking ahead to 2007,” he continued, “our principle mission is focused on bringing our product message to the growing ranks of companies that are facing the challenges of performance, scalability and spiraling IT costs, and moving them to the next generation of distributed application server technology,” Benvenisti said. “We believe GigaSpaces will become the de facto standard for the development and deployment of high-performance, mission-critical enterprise applications.”

Aggressive Plans for Accelerated Growth in 2007
According to Benvenisti, GigaSpaces has defined the following key expansion objectives for the coming year. “In early 2007,” he said, “GigaSpaces will make its first formal entry into the Asia Pacific market; expand its local sales presence in additional U.S. and European markets, including Chicago, Boston, Austin and Central Europe; see significant increases in channel sales via existing partnering, distribution and OEM agreements in all geographies, continue its investment in open source projects and the developers community, and likely experience a doubling of staff by year end.”

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces provides a single platform for end-to-end scalability of high performance and stateful distributed applications. With “Write Once Scale Anywhere” as its motto, GigaSpaces’ unique approach enables developers to Write their business logic Once and then seamlessly Scale-out the application linearly Anywhere, and on-demand. It is targeted at applications characterized by high-volume processing and low latency requirements and provides an alternative for implementing high performance and scalable service-oriented architectures (SOA). GigaSpaces customers include leaders in the financial services, telecommunications industries, and government institutions, including: Societe Generale, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Dow Jones, Virgin Mobile, Nortel, and Hutchinson 3G, where the need for mission-critical, high-performance, low-latency reliability and scalability necessitates an alternative to traditional approaches. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices across the United States, Europe and in Israel. It is a privately-held company, funded by FTVentures, BRM Capital, Intel Capital and Formula.

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GigaSpaces Technologies, Inc.
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