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GigaSpaces Launches the Next Generation Apache Spark Distribution

Leverages Extensive In-Memory Computing Experience to Connect Insight to Action with the Launch of InsightEdge

New York — September 6, 2016 – GigaSpaces, a provider of in-memory computing (IMC) technologies, today launched InsightEdge, a data grid-enabled real-time analytics platform that incorporates Apache Spark to dramatically enhance fast data analytics. This high performance Spark distribution connects insight to action and workflows in real-time, freeing users from complex big data systems integration.

Earlier this year, GigaSpaces opened the core of its flagship in-memory computing product, XAP. This gave developers direct access to a mature, robust and widely adopted in-memory technology that’s been used by hundreds of large enterprises across industries. Through the open core approach, GigaSpaces enables developers to build upon capabilities and enterprise readiness of fast in-memory data processing. The first new use case has focused on big data frameworks such as Apache Spark.

“XAP has been utilized in a wide range of mission-critical applications for hundreds of organizations, and has provided significant value to companies across the globe that want to more effectively use their computing power,” said Adi Paz, General Manager of the IMC Business Unit for GigaSpaces. “Leveraging proven technology, InsightEdge is far more advanced and enterprise-ready than typical new software, and offers a maturity that will support complex use cases from day one.”

“Application infrastructure leaders looking at IMC technologies to support project-specific and strategic requirements should… adopt IMDG technologies in support of scenarios – such as real-time analytics, intelligent business operations, big data, digital business, web-scale computing and the IoT- where low latency data access, high scalability and 24/7 operations are key to meeting business needs,” said Massimo Pezzini, VP & Gartner Fellow, et. al., in the Gartner Market Guide for In-Memory Data Grids in August 2016.

InsightEdge is the first product to be incubated and launched as a result of GigaSpaces’ Open Source initiatives for its IMC business. The core of the product is a mission-critical in-memory data grid coupled with the Spark ecosystem API. The benefits are twofold: users can query live data at the source to gain operational intelligence in real-time, and it simplifies real-time decision making by connecting results from Spark workloads seamlessly into transactional applications.

“Gaining meaningful intelligence from data has typically been hindered by the speed at which data becomes usable,” said Ali Hodroj, VP of Products and Strategy in the IMC Business Unit for GigaSpaces. “InsightEdge makes it possible for companies to make decisions that are informed by all of the data they have available at any given second.”

Major benefits of InsightEdge include:
Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing: Users can co-locate Spark jobs with transactional data and applications under one hybrid in-memory platform.
Tiered-Memory Storage and Execution: Ability to leverage a high-performance data grid query engine for ultra-low latency Spark workloads.
Analytics Against Live Data: Users can run Spark workloads directly against transactional data-in-motion.
High Availability and Resiliency: Highly redundant Spark storage engine featuring cross-data center replication.

InsightEdge was launched into GA today, and can be downloaded at