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GigaSpaces Helps Software Vendors Achieve True Scalability, Cut TCO, and SaaS-enable their Applications

Software Vendors and OEMs of All Sizes and Industries are Leveraging GigaSpaces Memory-based Middleware Platform to Power Their Data-intensive, Transactional Applications

New York City, New York, March 17, 2010 – GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 7.X has been especially tailored to support the needs of software vendors and OEMs, dramatically lowering their development, support and operational costs. In addition, GigaSpaces has introduced special pricing, enabling software vendors and OEMs to share risk and reward and choose the pricing that best fits their business model and delivery platform, maximizing ROI.

Customers such as Gallup, Nortel, SmartStream, Razorfish, and JDSU have easily embedded XAP in existing and new applications to achieve scalability, fault tolerance, and portability of their applications across traditional, virtualized and cloud environments.

“XAP helped us deliver the highest availability and fastest processing time for our customers, while minimizing hardware investment for us,” says Abbas Valliani, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Primatics Financial, which is running its high-performance risk management platform on XAP.

GigaSpaces XAP is a high-end application server, allowing software vendors to deploy, manage and dynamically scale their Java and .Net applications. It is the only platform designed to completely utilize terabytes of memory, multi-core programming, high-speed networks, and virtualization across the entire middleware stack. It offers a complete array of middleware services, including a fully transactional, best-in-class, in-memory data grid, a parallel processing engine, and reliable, high-performance messaging infrastructure.

Vendors looking to SaaS-enable their applications also enjoy lower cost per user, enabled by XAP’s fine-grained multi-tenancy and resource utilization, full visibility and control of the entire application stack, enterprise-grade resilience and security, and the freedom to deliver the same application as a downloadable package and as an online service, with no code changes.

“We are leveraging GigaSpaces XAP to scale the performance of our clinical surveillance SaaS (Sentri7) and double the capacity of our existing data center,” says Kaj Pedersen, CTO of Pharmacy OneSource. “XAP is also helping transform Sentri7 into a platform service, enabling us to leverage environments such as public clouds in the future. We will be able to offer Sentri7 as a cost-effective cloud-based platform that integrates the user-centered design and workflow requirements of our customers through the web.”

“XAP is the best choice for software vendors because it is easy to embed, reduces hardware and operational costs, and enables building applications once and running them anywhere,” says John Giubileo, Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Using XAP frees developers to focus on the business logic and not worry about the underlying infrastructure.”

For more information about GigaSpaces XAP for software vendors and OEMs, and for ISV-specific features introduced in XAP 7.X visit

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces Technologies is a leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and .Net environments that offers an alternative to traditional application servers. Its flagship product, XAP 7.X, is an enterprise-grade application server for deploying and dynamically scaling distributed applications under any requirement.

GigaSpaces customers depending on our reliability and millisecond latency include dozens of Global Fortune 100/500 companies, including Societe Generale and British American Tobacco; six of the world’s top 10 investment banks, and financial services companies like Dow Jones; leading telecommunications carriers and eCommerce companies like Nortel and eBay; and five of the world’s top online gaming companies; and Internet media organizations. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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