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GigaSpaces Cloudify Partners with IBM to Bring True Cloud Economics to IBM InfoSphere BigInsightsTM

Cloudify Enables Rapid BigInsights Deployments for Public and Private Clouds Improving Operational and Infrastructure Costs

New York, October 22, 2012 – GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next generation application and cloud enablement platforms for business-critical applications, announced today that it is partnering with IBM to bring the benefits of cloud economics and developer agility to its InfoSphere BigInsights product. With IBM’s BigInsights taking the power of Hadoop to enterprises, Cloudify enables BigInsights to run consistently with additional big data services such as NoSQL databases and more; simplifying these systems’ deployments through consistent management, as well as improving cost efficiency with its cloud enablement & portability support.

“The intersection of big data and the cloud holds a lot of promise in terms of optimization of costs and development cycles. GigaSpaces set out to make this possible with Cloudify for BigInsights,” says Leon Katsnelson, Program Director, IM Cloud Computing Center of Competence and Evangelism at IBM. “This integration enables you to run your BigInsights Hadoop distribution on the cloud of your choice, reducing overhead and infrastructure costs exponentially, in addition to minimizing the complexity involved with managing these systems through unified and consistent management.”

Cloudify’s consistent management refers specifically to consistent deployment, configuration, and management across the stack, which applies not only to the deployment phase, but also to post-deployment, including failover, scaling, and upgrades – which are all easily accomplished through Cloudify’s built-in recipe mechanism. With agile development becoming more and more critical to big data distributions these days, the single click app deployment Cloudify provides now makes the much-needed DevOps automation of these systems a real possibility.

Additionally, big data systems tend to consume a lot of infrastructure resources that can easily pile up to thousands of nodes. GigaSpaces realized that they can optimize the infrastructure cost for running big data systems through cloud enablement and cloud portability. Cloud portability enables you to choose the right cloud for the job. For example, you can now choose a bare-metal cloud for I/O intensive workloads or a virtualized/public cloud for more sporadic workloads.

“Big data systems tend to be complex to manage and operate, as they often include other services such as relational databases, other NoSQL databases, stream processing, web front ends and more, with each framework coming with its own management, installation, configuration, and scaling solutions,” says Nati Shalom, CTO at GigaSpaces. “Managing each component of your big data system separately is an operational nightmare, and that complexity only grows as the system gets bigger, and with big data that’s just to be expected.”

With consistent management, the experience of managing each of the tiers and services in the big data system becomes consistent throughout the entire stack, and by enabling your BigInsights systems for all cloud environments means you can leverage all the agility, efficiency, and flexibility of the cloud, while also allowing you to choose the right cloud for the job.

Visit GigaSpaces at booth #634-19, at the IBM Information on Demand Conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, from October 21st – 24th, 2012.

GigaSpaces’ Nati Shalom will be presenting this joint-solution with Leon Katsnelson of IBM at the event in the session titled: The Elephant in the Cloud: Bring True Cloud Economics to InfoSphere BigInsights on October 24th at 2:30 PM in the Business Partner Theater.

Availability and Download Information
• Download the latest Cloudify GA release, or download the Cloudify for BigInsightsTM recipes from the Cloudify recipe repository.
•Read more about the Cloudify for BigInsights partnership at the IBM website.
•See Cloudify for BigInsights in action.

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