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GigaSpaces Brings Enterprise-Class Real-time Analytics, AI and Extreme Data Processing to Kubernetes

New York, NY — September 6, 2018 — GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, a leading in-memory real-time analytics platform for instant insights to action, will demonstrate support for Kubernetes orchestration at the GigaSpaces booth #1412, as multiple customers from various industries plan production deployments in coming months. ‘Simplifying Deep Learning with Intel® BigDL and GigaSpaces InsightEdge to Accelerate AI Innovation,’ will also be presented at the Intel theater: booth #717 during the conference.

The support of Kubernetes orchestration strengthens an organization’s ability to build and deploy reliable, scalable distributed applications across any environment. “As Kubernetes becomes the de facto standard in container orchestration, application development teams at enterprises are beginning to demand production Kubernetes environments.” according to Gartner analysts, Wataru Katsurashima, Arun Chandrasekaran and Dennis Smith in the report, How to Choose Your Kubernetes Deployment Model, published August 13, 2018.

Kubernetes synergizes with InsightEdge; simplifying the operationalizing of machine learning and transactional processing, at scale. InsightEdge utilizes key features of Kubernetes, such as cloud-native orchestration automation with self-healing, cooperative multi-tenancy, RBAC authorization, and auto-scaling. Auto-deployment of data services and deep learning and machine learning frameworks, such as Apache Spark as well as visualization tools like Apache Zeppelin, seamlessly support InsightEdge-based applications.
Always-on promise
InsightEdge leverages anti-affinity rules to ensure that the primary and replica are always on separated physical machines within the cluster. Along with the platform’s self-healing, load balancing and fast-load mechanisms, no-downtime and no data loss are assured. Additionally, automating rolling upgrades, pod by pod with StatefulSets allow for smooth upgrades without any downtime.
Along with CPU and memory monitoring, automatic scaling using predefined metrics, signal to Kubernetes when to scale up and scale down. Customized scaling rules according to personalized SLA, based on production needs optimize the resources required to support the application requirements.
Through the persistent volume driver, InsightEdge’s intelligent multi-tier storage offering MemoryXtend, lets customers configure data prioritization per application’s business logic, to ensure that the most important data resides in the fastest data storage tier for optimized TCO.
Multi-Region Deployment
A multi-site-replication dedicated pod for asynchronous mirroring of data across remote data centers supports synchronization according to the deployment topology at low latency, while retaining data consistency across regions.

“GigaSpaces continues to focus on our customers’ requirements to simplify the delivery of mission-critical applications with our real-time analytics platform,” said Yoav Einav, VP Products with GigaSpaces. “Supporting Kubernetes empowers insight-driven organizations to build innovative real-time solutions, with the speed and confidence required to support their business initiatives while optimizing their TCO.” Demonstrations at the Strata Data Conference, taking place at the Javits Center in New York. will show:
One-click installation process with HELM.
Deploying function with Spark ML, running collocated with the data.
Deploying pre-trained deep learning models.
Interactive queries and data visualization with Zeppelin notebook.
Resources monitoring.
Self-healing process on data pod failure.
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About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces provides the leading in-memory computing platform for fast data analytics and extreme transaction processing. With GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform and its core engine XAP, organizations can overcome the complex obstacles of big data and advanced analytics to deliver real-time business impact. Hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations worldwide leverage GigaSpaces across financial services, retail, transportation, telecom, healthcare, and others. GigaSpaces offices are located in the US, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit