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GigaSpaces announces its XAP In-Memory Computing Platform to be the first data-grid designed for cloud based environments

XAP is the first data-grid solution that enables users to automate their entire deployment, configuration and monitoring in cloud-based or bare metal environments.

NEW YORK, Aug 11, 2014 — GigaSpaces Technologies, a provider of in-memory computing and cloud orchestration technologies, today announced it has incorporated cloud automation & orchestration with its XAP In-Memory Computing platform.

XAP Deployment Management and Automation is an orchestration framework that includes a set of pre-packaged configuration blueprints designed to allow a user to automate the provisioning, configuration, setup and management of XAP clusters in existing data centers or private clouds.
Users will now be able to:
• Automate the Deployment and Installation of XAP – A typical deployment and installation of XAP involves provisioning machines, downloading the relevant XAP version to each machine in the cluster and setting it up with the right JVM setup. XAP Deployment Management and Automation allows users to script the entire process and create a new XAP cluster through a single command.
• Auto Heal and Scale of the XAP deployment – The current auto-healing and auto-scaling of XAP takes place on the existing pool of pre-provisioned machines. This solution allows users to provision new machines on-demand when the system has very limitedcapacity, which can occur in the case of unplanned failure or in the case of overcapacity.
• Manage a JEE environment – XAP 10.0 enables users to extend their XAP platform to support other web containers, as opposed to just the embedded Jetty container [including Tomcat / WebSphere, WebLogic, and JBoss]. Users can also add auto-scaling and HTTP Session High Availability to their existing JEE environment in a way that works across all containers without relying on proprietary extensions and expensive enterprise licenses.
• Manage a Big Data Deployment – XAP helps add real time analytics to users’ existing Big Data deployment. A typical Big Data environment includes other services such as Hadoop, MongoDB etc. This solution helps deploy and manage XAP alongside other Big Data services through a consistent management interface.
• Automate WAN replication – A typical XAP replication requires configuration of the gateway locations and networking setup, which often involves manual intervention. With this solution users could set up an entire WAN topology and provision it on-demand.
• Automate a large scale testing environment – Testing XAP often requires provisioning of the testing machines, installing XAP on each machine and configuring it to connect with the XAP management machine. This process repeats itself for every test.

This also makes XAP the first In-Memory platform suitable for DevOps environments and processes that involve continuous deployment and delivery.
The orchestration capabilities are powered by GigaSpaces Cloudify, an open orchestration engine that can also be extended to manage the entire application stack alongside XAP services.

XAP Deployment Management and Automation capabilities as part of the newly released XAP 10.0. This milestone version offers other strong features, including built-in SSD integrations & real time query aggregations:

Built in SSD Integration
Version 10.0 seamlessly combines RAM and SSD as part of the same platform. This combination allows users to store massive datasets on any SSD device and process them with the same set of rich APIs and processing capabilities. This dramatically reduces the cost per gigabyte of real time, big data analysis. Named XAP MemoryXtend, this solution has recently been announced by GigaSpaces as part of its strategic partnership with SanDisk.

Real Time Query Aggregations
XAP 10.0 introduces a new aggregation framework that enables users to traverse tens of millions of objects per second and calculate aggregate functions, such as sum, average, min, max and any other desired function. This opens the door for near real time analysis over extremely large data sets, adding yet another important aspect to XAP’s support for real time big data applications.

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