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GigaSpaces Announces New Product for Enterprise PaaS & ISV SaaS Enablement

Leveraging Success of First-generation Cloud Platform to Deliver the Only Industry Platform for End-to-End Multi-Tenancy, Automation, and Scaling for any Cloud or Middleware Service

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 7, 2011 – GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next generation virtualized application platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, announced the upcoming release of its second-generation cloud-enablement platform today. The new product is the result of cloud solutions successfully fielded by GigaSpaces in recent years combined with more than a decade’s expertise providing mission-critical application middleware products for hundreds of Tier 1 organizations around the globe. This new product offers a truly silo-free architecture aimed specifically at enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and ISV Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enablement.

“We are excited to announce this up-and-coming GigaSpaces platform, which is truly unique in that it offers an exclusive silo-free architecture to customers building their PaaS or SaaS environments, enabling them to gain unprecedented efficiencies and fast time to market,” says Adi Paz, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “This new product offers a field-proven technology, minimizing the risks associated with migrating to the cloud, making former ‘mission impossibles’ very possible indeed.”

Expanding on what current GigaSpaces’ solutions offer the market – several unique new areas are included in the second-generation product, which are particularly targeted at private and hybrid cloud-based solutions:

Silo-free architecture that is a converged end-to-end application and data environment enabling cross-stack elasticity, multi-tenancy, unified SLA-driven performance, central management and simplifying development and operational processes.
Cross-stack fine-grained multi-tenancy from the web tier down to the customer and data object levels that is user, data and application policy-driven. This provides easy management and monitoring through a comprehensive management console enabling full control, security, and crystal clear visibility over all of the multi-tenancy aspects of the application.
Built-in DevOps to uniformly manage and automate the lifecycle of the entire application middleware and its resources, dramatically reducing operational and development complexity.
Out-of-the-box third-party middleware management (e.g. Tomcat, Cassandra, JMS) that automates and manages all application middleware services during deployment and in production.
Openness, providing effortless portability, multi-language and multi-middleware support, along with easy integration with existing processes and systems for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

“Our first-gen platform, launched more two years ago, focused on enterprise application scaling and deployment to the public cloud. As one of the earliest solution providers in the industry, we now have many satisfied customers in this field,” says Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces. “The growing demand of our customers for enterprise cloud enablement and ISV SaaS enablement platforms was the primary driver for GigaSpaces’ development of a targeted solution for this space in the first place.”

The GigaSpaces PaaS and SaaS enablement platform has already been successfully deployed at companies that require a mature, proven solution for their complex, mission-critical business applications and has been tested and integrated with major strategic partners in the cloud arena. Tier 1 enterprises and SaaS providers already benefitting from GigaSpaces cloud enablement come from such industries as financial services, e-commerce, online gaming, healthcare, business process management, analytics, and telecommunications. In addition, the cloud-enablement solution has already been integrated with leading cloud-focused technologies with partners such as Cisco and Citrix and other leading international organizations, as recently presented at the GigaSpaces International Road Show.

The GigaSpaces ISV SaaS and enterprise PaaS enablement platform is scheduled to be released in Q2 2011. All the new cloud-enablement features will be available to existing customers already using GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) solutions for enterprise scaling as an easily integrated add-ons.

Visit us online for more information about our Enterprise PaaS and ISV SaaS Enablement Platforms.

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces Technologies is the pioneer of a new generation of virtualized application platforms and a leading provider of end-to-end scaling solutions for distributed, mission-critical application environments, and cloud enabling technologies. GigaSpaces is the only platform in the market that offers a truly silo-free architecture, along with operational agility and openness, delivering enhanced efficiency, extreme performance, and always-on availability. Our offering includes solutions for enterprise application scaling and enterprise PaaS and SaaS enablement that are designed from the ground up to run on any cloud environment – private, public, or hybrid – and offers a pain-free, evolutionary path to meet tomorrow’s IT challenges.

Hundreds of organizations worldwide have been leveraging GigaSpaces’ technology, among which are global Fortune 500 companies, including top financial service enterprises, e-commerce companies, online gaming providers, and telecom carriers.