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GigaSpaces and Integrate Cloudify for One-click Kubernetes Cluster Deployment on OpenStack, AWS and Other Clouds

AUSTIN, Texas, April 25, 2016 // OPENSTACK SUMMIT —
GigaSpaces and today announced the integration of Cloudify open source orchestration software into
the Cloud Management SaaS platform. The multi-cloud solution, being demonstrated live at OpenStack
Summit Austin in Booth C20, offers enterprises and telecom providers faster provisioning of infrastructure
and applications—such as Kubernetes clusters—across heterogeneous environments with no vendor lock-in.

An open source and standards-based solution, with Cloudify also offers visibility and usage
reporting of infrastructure to ensure effective utilization and cost reduction.
Cloudify and are also proud to offer Kubernetes Orchestration-as-a-Service for quick, hassle free
provisioning and configuring of a Kubernetes cluster. The orchestration service simplifies the provisioning
of complex infrastructure and applications across heterogeneous environments. Go to this page for
information on how to access to the private beta.
Cloudify is an open source, TOSCA-based cloud orchestration platform that automates the process of
installation, deployment and post-deployment such as monitoring, remediation and auto-scaling of an
application stack. simplfies cloud management by abstracting the infrastructure level to make it easy to replicate an
entire setup across providers. provides a UI for performing common management tasks such as
provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, usage and cost reporting, RBAC and automation. with Cloudify is a multi-cloud solution that includes simple, hassle-free infrastructure management
and orchestration/automation, with a single dashboard to manage and view all clouds resources. Employing with Cloudify, users can apply blueprints directly from the user interface to orchestrate
applications across public and private clouds and on-premises infrastructure.

*** with Cloudify offers Kubernetes on any cloud with one click.

See the demonstration at OpenStack Summit Austin in Marketplace Booth C20 or sign up to test the
Cloudify/Kubernetes functionality on

Simplifying Kubernetes Deployment
A powerful and popular application of with Cloudify is managing Kubernetes clusters. Kubernetes
makes it possible to automate the deployment, operations and scaling of containerized applications. This
enables businesses to accelerate software deployment and simplify IT operations.
However, setting up, configuring and managing Kubernetes environments is time consuming and challenging, and new users face a steep technology learning curve to get started. By leveraging Cloudify’s TOSCA-blueprinting capabilities, makes it quick and easy for users to provision, configure and manage a Kubernetes
cluster whether it’s on AWS or an OpenStack cloud in minutes and with just one click.
● The Kubernetes cluster is automatically added to a account, instantly enabling functions such as
viewing resources, performing basic kubectl-like commands and running scale-up and scale-down workflows.
● Increasing the capacity of a Kubernetes cluster, until now, has largely been a manual process. with Cloudify provides an automated workflow that quickly adds a node to a cluster via an API call, and thereby
enables users to optimize the cost associated with over-provisioning of a Kubernetes cluster.
● with Cloudify provides a rule-based, auto-scaling tool to scale up and down the Kubernetes cluster
when necessary, overcoming Kubernetes’ limited support for scaling infrastructure. No longer will unexpected spikes in traffic/usage result in a lack of resources in a cluster and reduced application performance.

These technologies extend the Kubernetes framework and enable it to manage mixed workloads, combining
microservices and non-microservices applications in a single deployment blueprint. Another benefit is
enhanced service composition in which users can stitch together multiple microservices and manage their
relationships, dependencies, full lifecycle and more.
Kubernetes users can integrate their existing Kubernetes microservices into this new platform just as they
would with plain vanilla Kubernetes.
The solution is available as a SaaS service and can also be installed on-premises on a private cloud

“The management of Kubernetes clusters isn’t trivial, and this integration takes a big step toward reducing
barriers to adoption,” Nati Shalom, CTO and founder, GigaSpaces. “Both enterprises and service providers
wrestle with the cost and resource impact of over provisioning. Cloudify with solves this problem
through auto-scaling of kubernetes clsuter resources (Minions). In addition to that, the new solution takes
microservices to the next level by simplifying composition of microservices as well as allowing management
of hybrid workloads comprised of a combination of microservices and hybrid microservices under one
automation and management framework.”
“Replicating setups across service providers shouldn’t be difficult, but it is,” said Chris Psaltis, CEO
and co-founder, “ solved this problem, and working with GigaSpaces, we’ve created
with Cloudify as a multi-cloud solution for simple, hassle-free orchestration and automation, all managed
via a single dashboard. Now, orchestration of Kubernetes clusters and their applications across public and
private clouds is no longer a chore.”

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces Technologies provides software for cloud application orchestration and scaling of mission-
critical applications on cloud environments. Hundreds of Tier-1 organizations worldwide are leveraging
GigaSpaces technology to enhance IT efficiency and performance, from top financial firms, e-commerce
companies, online gaming providers, healthcare organizations and telecom carriers. GigaSpaces has offices in  the US, Europe and Asia. More at and

About saves Enterprises money by helping them intelligently manage their hybrid cloud utilization. By
supporting all popular computing platforms including public clouds, private clouds, Docker containers and
bare metal machines, Enterprises get a bird’s eye view of all their infrastructure and a platform for
performing common management tasks like provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, RBAC, reporting,
automation, and more. has offices in the US and Europe. More at

Media Contacts:
Robert Cathey / / @robertcathey / 865.386.6118 for GigaSpaces
Sharone Zitzman / / @shar1z