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GigaSpaces and Interface21 Extend the Simplicity of Spring to Stateful Low-Latency Applications

Joint Solution Successfully Implemented in One of the Largest Global Investment Banks.

Antwerp, BEL – V Interface21, developer of the Spring Framework – and GigaSpaces, a leading supplier of infrastructure software that provides on-demand scalability for high-performance transactional applications, today announced a strategic partnership to enable developers of stateful low-latency applications to write their business logic once and transparently scale it across a pool of machines.

Rod Johnson, CEO of Interface21 and founder of the Spring Framework, said: Users have flocked to the Spring Framework because it offers a pure POJO-based programming model. The work we’ve done with GigaSpaces around the JavaSpaces programming model shows just how flexible Spring is. It is an excellent example of how a true POJO model maximizes potential for reuse and ROI. Many customers (especially in banking) need to build solutions that do not fit the traditional J2EE architectural model. We are excited to be working with GigaSpaces to develop innovative software solutions and bring value to customers building mission-critical applications.

The combined GigaSpaces-Spring offering, which is already running in production at several leading banks worldwide, presents a unique solution that combines the power and simplicity of the Spring framework with the extreme performance and on-demand scalability of GigaSpaces.

It enables developers to write their POJOs as if they were writing for a single box / CPU / thread and run the code on the combined Spring-GigaSpaces solution.
This integrated solution transparently scales the application on a multi-CPU box, or across many boxes on all tiers, from presentation, through business logic to data.
No new programming skills are required and developers are freed from worrying about the issues of load-balancing or high availability.

The joint solution consists of two parts:
Middleware abstraction DAO, Transaction, Cache, JDBC, Remoting, JMS V Enabling a non-intrusive approach for implementing the business logic on top of GigaSpaces.
Service Abstraction V Enabling dynamic deployment of the Spring beans on the Grid.

Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces Technologies,noted the benefits the partnership brings to potential customers. ?§The GigaSpaces and Spring integration plays a major part in our “Write Once Scale Anywhere” approach. In other words, Spring provides a framework for implementing the application business logic and GigaSpaces implements the middleware and service framework for executing this business logic efficiently in a scalable fashion.

Milestone 2 of GigaSpaces’ Enterprise Edition that contains built in support for Spring services is available at:

See also support for JavaSpaces/GigaSpaces at Spring Modules:

About Interface21
Interface21 is a privately held international company that is a recognized leader in developing open-source application infrastructure software and delivering quality services to enterprise class customers. Interface21 has offices in the UK, North America and Europe.

Interface21 created and sustains the development of the Spring Framework, the leading Java™ and JEE™ application framework. Spring is used extensively by customers from startups to the Fortune 500 across a wide range of industries. Six out of the world’s 10 biggest banks build mission critical applications on Spring, and Spring powers government and defense applications, such as the French Government online tax submission system and the European Patent Office.

Through the Spring family of products, Interface21 provides proven solutions that greatly enhance application developer productivity.

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About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces provides innovative, high-performance infrastructure software solutions that deliver unparalleled dynamic scalability for high-volume transactional applications, without the overhead and complexity inherent in traditional multi-tier development and deployment environments.

Its award-winning solutions have been adopted across multiple vertical industries and are used by companies such as Nortel, Hutchison 3G, Societe Generale, Virgin Mobile, FXall and others for mission-critical applications, where the need for extreme performance, reliability and scalability necessitates an alternative to traditional tier-based architectures.

GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices in New York, London and Israel. It is a privately held company, funded by BRM Capital, Formula Vision and Intel Capital. GigaSpaces is an affiliated company of the Formula Group (NASDAQ: FORTY), Israel’s largest publicly held IT group.

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