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GigaSpaces and Intel Close Memory-Storage Gap to Accelerate Data Processing and Analytics

Post Date: August 02, 2017
GigaSpaces, a provider of in-memory computing (IMC) technologies, has collaborated with Intel to integrate and benchmark its IMC solutions with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and NVMe SSDs. The integration creates a distributed data fabric that can store data across RAM and SSDs transparently, accelerating access to data and maximizing processing, for extreme transactional processing and fast data analytics; supporting hybrid transactional/analytics processing (HTAP) initiatives.

Results of the benchmarking tests showed dramatic improvements across read/write workloads, as much as 150-300% across various tests.* The low latency, high endurance combination with high throughput will fuel the growth of new fast data and cloud based applications for customers.
Key benefits of the integration between GigaSpaces and Intel include:
Enablement of enterprise-grade fast data applications – The resulting data fabric delivers mission critical real-time response and supports a heterogeneous data model (Objects, JSON, Spatial), full SQL support, and end to end Spark analytics API.
Intelligent storage tiering – Enterprise systems are no longer limited to the choice between memory for real-time data or storage for historical records. They can now leverage a distributed, multi-tiered, elastic data grid which delivers high performance while intelligently tiering data processing and storage between RAM and SSD.
Lowering TCO – Enterprises can store, process and analyze data-heavy applications in real time with less RAM footprint, eliminating cluster sprawl for Terabyte-scale footprints.

“For years, IT architects and decision-makers faced a performance dilemma between memory and storage, but innovative technologies, such as Intel® Optane™ technology-based solutions, disrupts the trade-off when incorporating in-memory computing,” said Ali Hodroj, VP of Products and Strategy at GigaSpaces. “The combination of Intel® Optane™ SSDs with our In-memory computing solutions, XAP and InsightEdge, opens up a new world of exciting opportunities in hybrid transactional/analytics processing. Data engineers, application developers, and scientists can operate on the same data set, right when it’s born, and at massive scale.”

*For Intel® SSD DC P3700 Series for PCIe (NVMe) benchmark results, visit the Intel® Storage Builders Program website. Intel® Optane™ SSD P4800X results will soon be published. Results are available via direct requests.

For more information, visit the company’s blog:

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces provides software for in-memory computing, fast data analytics, and cloud orchestration through two product lines, InsightEdge and XAP In-Memory Computing. Hundreds of Tier-1 and Fortune-listed organizations worldwide leverage GigaSpaces technology to empower the real-time digital enterprise and accelerate digital transformation. Primary sectors include financial services, retail, transportation, telecom, and healthcare. GigaSpaces offices are located in the US, Europe and Asia. More at and

Intel Optane is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.