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GigaSpaces and Azul Systems to Deliver Unprecedented Scalability for Java

Compute pools plus Application Grid to offer enterprise customers powerful joint solution.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – June 7th, 2005 – Azul SystemsT Inc., the pioneers of the industry’s first network attached processing solution, designed to unbound compute resources for JavaT- and J2EET-based applications, and GigaSpaces Technologies Inc., a leading provider of innovative grid-based solutions for data-intensive, business-critical applications, today announced an alliance to jointly provide customers with the most scalable infrastructure for data and throughput-intensive enterprise Java applications.

The two companies are working to ensure interoperability between their products that promise to simplify application deployment, offer scalable and predictable service levels and reduce the amount of servers that need to be managed in enterprise datacenters. AzulT Compute Appliances allow existing enterprise Java applications to tap into a massive shared pool of compute resources, without modifying the application or existing infrastructure. The GigaSpaces Enterprise Application Grid, a Java-based solution, delivers high-performance distributed shared memory that can scale seamlessly with the needs of the most demanding enterprises.

“Together Azul and GigaSpaces provide customers with a massively scalable software and hardware platform that can accommodate the largest, most data intensive applications today,” said Geva Perry, vice president of business development at GigaSpaces Technologies.

“The combination of Azul and GigaSpaces directly addresses the costly and complex challenge of capacity planning,” said Matt McLaughlin, vice president worldwide field operations for Azul Systems. “Our joint customers will now be able grow their deployments without worrying whether their infrastructure can handle that growth.”

Network attached processing has the potential to spark a new era of “Unbound ComputeT,” using multi-core chip technology to deliver massive amounts of operating system-agnostic compute resources to JavaT, J2EET and other virtual machine-based applications. Deployed in compute pools, Azul Compute Appliances can host hundreds of applications simultaneously, providing dynamic access to a shared set of compute resources to meet peak application work loads, while eliminating the need to capacity plan at individual application level. Such power offers enterprise customers unprecedented application scalability at the best possible economics, while providing an ideal platform to accelerate the consolidation of applications and their associated server infrastructure. Azul compute pools are transparently deployed into customers’ data centers without requiring any change to their existing server or operating environments.

GigaSpaces Enterprise Application Grid (EAG) allows application developers to rapidly build and deploy high-performance and highly-reliable business-critical applications that run on a distributed set of IT resources. It enables an organization to dynamically distribute data across low-cost servers such as Linux Blades and achieve in-memory levels of performance with significantly less administration and costs than dedicated hardware solutions. The EAG is based on a leading commercial implementation of clustered JavaSpaces that provides a rich set of tightly-integrated application services (such as JMS, Clustering, Caching, JDBC and Parallel processing) – on top of a federated shared memory platform.

About GigaSpaces
GigaSpaces is a fast-growing provider of innovative grid-based solutions that solve the performance, reliability & scalability problems of transaction-intensive, business critical applications. The company’s customers include AIG, Nortel Networks and Hutchison 3G, among other major organizations in the financial, telecom and manufacturing industries. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in New York , with an R&D center in Israel . It is part of the Formula Group (NASDAQ: FORTY), Israel ‘s largest publicly held IT company. For more information, please visit

About Azul Systems
Azul SystemsT has pioneered the industry’s first network attached processing solution, designed to unbound compute resources for virtual machine based applications. Without any application level modifications, binary compatibility requirements or operating system dependencies, this fundamentally new approach eliminates the need to capacity plan at the application level and dramatically lowers the cost and complexity associated with the traditional delivery of computing resources. More information on Azul Systems can be found at

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