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Dunbar Cybersecurity Adds TrapX Security’s DeceptionGrid to its Managed Security Services Platform

SAN MATEO, CA — August 4, 2015 — TrapX Security™, a global leader in deception-based cyber security defense, today announced that Dunbar Cybersecurity, a leader in innovative cybersecurity solutions for a range of industries—including finance, retail, healthcare, and education, has entered into a partnership to utilize the TrapX DeceptionGrid™ as part of its managed security services offerings. The collaboration strengthens TrapX’s position in the North American managed security service provider (MSSP) space by providing Dunbar Cybersecurity’s customers with the industry’s leading deception-based technology.

DeceptionGrid automates the deployment of a network of camouflaged malware traps that are intermingled with real information technology resources. If malware touches DeceptionGrid just once, it sets off a high-confidence alert. Real-time automation isolates the malware and delivers a comprehensive assessment directly to an organization’s security operations team.

“We’ve been protecting our customers’ valuable physical assets for nearly 100 years, and, as those assets have gone digital, so have we,” said Christopher Ensey, COO of Dunbar’s Security Solutions business. “Cyber threats have increased substantially, and we believe that deception technology is now an essential capability for strong cyber defense. TrapX’s DeceptionGrid technology integrates with our fully-integrated managed security platform to simplify and consolidate threat management for our customers in a way that’s reliable and easy to manage, maintain and scale according to our clients’ requirements.”

“Today’s attackers continue to demonstrate how often perimeter network security solutions fail. As a result, organizations and MSSPs alike are turning to deception-based solutions that are designed to substantially reduce the time to breach detection,” said Carl Wright, general manager of TrapX Security. “Dunbar Security Solutions is an important partner for us, and we are pleased to have TrapX’s DeceptionGrid included within Dunbar’s ecosystem of network security protection against the latest advanced malware and persistent threats.”

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About TrapX
TrapX Security is a leader in the delivery of deception-based cyber security defense. Our solutions rapidly detect, analyze and defend against new zero-day and APT attacks in real time. DeceptionGrid™ provides automated, highly accurate insight into malware and malicious activity unseen by other types of cyber defense. We enable a proactive security posture, fundamentally changing the economics of cyber defense by shifting the cost to the attacker. The TrapX Security customer base includes Forbes Global 2000 commercial and government customers around the world in sectors that include defense, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer products and other key industries. Learn more at

About Dunbar Security Solutions
Dunbar Security Solutions is an integrated security solutions provider that works in partnership with customers to effectively guard against the full range of physical and digital security threats with customized, comprehensive and scalable security solutions that deliver safety, security, and peace-of-mind. From security alarm / monitoring /access systems, security products and guard services providing physical security to the very latest defenses in cyber security, Dunbar’s professional and innovative team delivers deep security expertise and integrated solutions using the most advanced technologies available. In September 2015, Dunbar will open a new Security Operations Center (SOC) in Hunt Valley, Maryland, providing customers with centralized security command and control for facility monitoring, guard dispatch, network monitoring and threat assessment.

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Rick Popko