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Customized Online Support Services from SupportSpace Soothes Post Holiday Technology Hangover

Many Consumers Need Extra Help Putting Holiday Cheer Back Into Computers, Gadgets and other Electronics Gifts That Don’t Always Work Right Out of The Box

REDWOOD SHORES, CA. – January 8, 2008 – After the Holidays, many people spend far too many frustrating hours trying to set up and configure their new computers, gadgets, iPods?, iPhones?, printers, and digital cameras they received as gifts. The tech experts at SupportSpace, an online service dedicated to providing a new standard of tech support, refer to the month of January 2008 as the technology hangover days. A couple of aspirin and a good night’s sleep took care of the eggnog, but what about all those new gadgets you now have to deal with? Quick start guides and manuals are usually the first place consumers turn to when they can’t find the on/off button or figure out how to install the batteries. After installing the measly memory card that comes with the camera and using up the few sheets of glossy paper that came with the printer, many people will be online visiting manufacturers’ Web sites or user forums researching the ‘how-to’ sections for hours on end.

So what is the best cure for the nasty post-holiday technology hangover? With tech support from SupportSpace, consumers can directly access the Web’s most robust community of independent, certified tech experts to get their holiday tech toys configured and up and running. SupportSpace’s post-holiday pep-up includes a free support session for first-time users and future sessions for $24.95, regardless of session length.

“Technology is designed to be consumer-friendly, but that does not mean it is simple or easy for the average consumer to make gadgets work right out of the box,” said Yair Grindlinger, Chief Executive Officer of SupportSpace. “There is a much better alternative to waiting in queue at a manufacturer’s tech support call center or spending the time and money to have a technician come to your house. SupportSpace gives everyone instant, direct access to tech support professionals who are experts in the specific areas where they might need technical assistance.”

According to recent research, laptops and PC sales surged over the holidays, with the industry estimating that over $22 billion was spent on computer-related gifts this season. In addition to games, digital cameras and media players, PC shipments are expected to increase by 16.7% in the fourth quarter alone, impressive when compared to only a 4.2% rise in general retail sales.

This post holiday season, a majority of consumers face a number of challenges whether they are a first-time iPod owner or are upgrading to a new PC. Getting digital cameras and camcorders to work properly, setting up email, and transferring files from an old computer can be overwhelming. Adding to these challenges is Microsoft’s new Vista? operating system, which could leave some users struggling with compatibility and usability issues. SupportSpace offers a wide range of personalized support services, including installing operating systems, configuring security software and deleting pre-packaged spyware or simply setting up peripherals like printers or scanners.

First-Time Users Can Try SupportSpace for Free

New users can get their first support session for free and future sessions for only $24.95 regardless of session length, until the problem is resolved. Simply log on to SupportSpace any time of day, search for an expert of your choice and begin your free session.

About SupportSpace

SupportSpace is a unique online service dedicated to providing “a new standard of tech support”. Giving consumers and small businesses access to the Web’s most robust community of independent, certified tech experts capable of solving virtually any tech-related need, SupportSpace puts people in charge of their digital world-enabling them to find their own “personal” expert by sorting across level of expertise, price, availability and user ratings/reviews. Customers also have the option of building an on-going relationship with a particular expert who is familiar with their profile and individualized needs. SupportSpace provides immediate, real-time support offering online, phone and remote control access options (with no waiting in line or on hold). SupportSpace created the first proprietary support platform that allows experts to remotely share knowledge resulting in superior customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2006, SupportSpace is privately held and headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA with experts located across the U.S.

SupportSpace will showcase its online tech support service in the upcoming DEMO08 show from January 28 to January 30, 2008, at Palm Desert, CA.

Media Contact:

Beth Trier
Trier & Company for SupportSpace