CompuVest Leverages FraudSciences to Double International Online Sales Volume

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 26 /PRNewswire/ — FraudSciences, the leader in guaranteed online credit-card-not-present fraud detection and protection, today announced that CompuVest, an internet leader in low-cost computers, computer parts and electronics, has doubled its international sales as a result of utilizing FraudSciences’ fraud protection services.

“Before using FraudSciences for transaction approvals, CompuVest had to decline many orders that appeared risky but were most likely legitimate,” said Mark Rogers, international sales manager for CompuVest. “We knew the business was missing out on considerable profits as a result, but because online merchants are responsible for fraud charge-backs the company couldn’t take the risk. With FraudSciences fraud protection technology, however, CompuVest approves more orders worldwide and has doubled the
percentage of its international sales from 15 to 30 percent.”

FraudSciences’ online fraud protection services fully guarantee credit card payments against fraud and chargebacks, enabling customers to accept orders that would have otherwise been deemed too risky to accept. Based on the most advanced transaction verification algorithms and behavioral analytics, FraudSciences’ unique, proprietary technology accurately identifies CompuVest’s legitimate orders, even when the strongest fraud indicators are present, for secure transaction approval.

“There are major threats to online merchants today due to fraud and identity theft, and those merchants are held accountable for fraud charge-backs,” said Gadi Maier, CEO of FraudSciences. “FraudSciences is pleased to announce its continued commitment to CompuVest, which would otherwise be unable to process valuable transactions due to these threats.
We are thrilled that our proprietary technology has continued to increase the sales, profits and customer loyalty of CompuVest.”

About FraudSciences

FraudSciences is the leading innovator in online credit card fraud prevention. Following years of intensive research, FraudSciences has
developed a technology that differentiates between real and fraudulent transactions with unprecedented accuracy. Using this groundbreaking technology, FraudSciences offers a unique transaction verification service that guarantees 100 percent protection against fraud chargebacks, allowing merchants to expand into new markets and increase their bottom line.
FraudSciences customers include leading names in e-commerce such as, NetShops, Adorama Camera and, and is backed by BRM Capital and Redpoint Ventures. For more information visit

About CompuVest

Established in 1996, CompuVest is an Internet leader in low-cost computers, computer parts and electronics. The brand reputation is based on lower prices, faster service and higher quality. Because CompuVest has reduced operating costs, improved customer service and enhanced world-class shipping, we provide faster, better and lower-cost products to our customers.

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