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ColorChip Shipping 100G QSFP28 10Km Transceiver

DUSSELDORF, Germany, Sept. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — ColorChip Ltd., a leading provider of Hyper-Scale Single-Mode Optical Connectivity Solutions, has stepped into production of 100G QSFP28 10Km transceivers. The offering is based on the emerging 4WDM multi-source agreement (MSA), supporting large data centers and mobile backhaul applications. The transceiver is interoperable with 100G CWDM4 and CLR4 2Km transceivers as it is identical in the hardware design, and likewise offers a cost effective solution in a small QSFP28 form factor. The 100Gbps 4WDM 10Km and CWDM4 2Km transceivers will be demonstrated in ECOC 2016.

ColorChip 100G QSFP28 4WDM 10KM Transceiver
ColorChip’s 100Gbps CWDM4/CLR4 QSFP28 2Km solution is presently shipping in volumes of tens of thousands to tier-1 datacenters, system vendors and telecom operators. Similar to the 2Km offerings, ColorChip’s 100G 10Km 4WDM transceiver is characterized by high density, low power consumption (~2.5W) and robust performance with an extended link margin that supports a 10Km reach with a 6.3 dB Link Budget when FEC is enabled. The 100G 10Km transceiver leverages ColorChip’s core strengths of optical head to PCB integration, as well as the volume manufacturing efficiencies achieved by the company’s unique industrialized optics production approach.

ColorChip’s optical head is based on the pioneering SystemOnGlass™ integrated optical technology. SystemOnGlass™ is a proprietary waveguide-in-glass PLC-based optical platform coupled with fully automated photonic integration of active and passive optical elements creating a dense, multi-lane optical head. This approach eliminates the need of free-space optics and allows ColorChip to deliver an optical head characterized by nested multiplexing, low optical losses, and high coupling efficiencies resulting in reliable, low cost solution. ColorChip’s SystemOnGlass™ photonic integration know-how is based on wafer-scale PLC manufacturing and automated optical head assembly, enabled by ColorChip industrialized optical manufacturing approach that stands at the heart of ColorChip’s family of high speed transceiver products.

Yigal Ezra, ColorChip CEO stated that “the latest $45M round of financing the company completed in the last 12 months, is intended to fuel the company with sufficient means to quickly address the growing market demand for top of rack, hyper scale applications. ColorChip has been making tens of millions of dollars investments to expand the company production capacity of the SystemOnGlass™ based optical head manufacturing as well as building off-shore production lines that will facilitate high volume, low cost Transceiver integration and testing.”

Demonstration at ECOC 2016
ColorChip will demonstrate the 100G QSFP28 10Km 4WDM Transceiver Module during ECOC, September 19th – 21st. The demonstration will take place in the ColorChip booth (#717) at the CCD Congress Center in D?sseldorf, Germany. The demo is scheduled by invitation at For more information on ColorChip, please visit

About ColorChip
ColorChip ( is a pioneer and a world leading innovator in the fields of integrated optical components and sub-systems, enabling reliable, scalable and robust high speed networking and communications solutions. Founded in 2001, ColorChip is dedicated to the development of advanced Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPIC).

ColorChip delivers industry leading optical high-speed transceivers to the Datacom/Telecom markets and passive optical splitters to the FTTx markets. ColorChip’s robust PLC, waveguide-in-glass technology and the revolutionary SystemOnGlass™ platform have enabled the company to address critical technological obstacles to deliver groundbreaking solutions for the Datacom/Telecom customers worldwide.

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