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ColorChip Joins Open Compute Project with Platinum Membership and Announces 200G QSFP56 FR4 Beta Transceiver Demonstration in Collaboration with Marvell

SAN JOSE, California, March 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — ColorChip has announced it has joined The Open Compute Project (OCP) Community as a Platinum Member and will expand on its OCP-Inspired™ 100G CWDM4-Lite transceiver to demonstrate a family of PAM4 transceivers during the 2018 OCP Summit, leveraging SystemOnGlass™ (SOG™) platform to deliver a wide range of high volume manufacturing, multi-channel transceivers that scale to 400G and beyond (ColorChip booth #C25).

ColorChip 200G QSFP56 FR4 Transceiver
ColorChip 200G QSFP56 FR4 Transceiver

“ColorChip is honored to join OCP as a Platinum member to share our full range of innovative and energy-efficient 100G to 400G optical interconnect solutions and continue to support the ever growing demand for datacenter bandwidth,” commented Yigal Ezra, CEO.
In collaboration with Marvell Semiconductor, a provider of networking and storage infrastructure IC’s for the data center infrastructure, ColorChip will demonstrate a power efficient 4x50G PAM4 optical interconnect. The demonstration will introduce ColorChip’s 200G QSFP56 FR4-Lite Beta transceiver, leveraging compact and low power consumption uncooled DML-based CWDM4 optical engines; an ideal solution for 500m link length applications for next generation Mega Data Center Deployments. ColorChip will also demonstrate a 200G QSFP56 FR4 Beta transceiver link to cover 2Km applications, based on uncooled CWDM4 EML’s. ColorChip’s family of 200G QSFP56 PAM4 transceivers is set to be Generally Available in Q4/18.

The unique characteristics of SystemOnGlass™ will also be leveraged to demonstrate a 100G Single-Lambda PAM4 QSFP28 transceiver transmitted through 40Km of single mode fiber. SOG™ is an optical engine integration platform, optimally suited for high speed PAM4 applications, based on embedded optical waveguides in a Planar Lightwave Glass (PLC) substrate. These glass waveguides replicate single mode fiber characteristics as they are circular, low loss, data rate independent, polarization insensitive, stable over temperature and provide low loss efficiencies for laser coupling and fiber attach. ColorChip’s SOG™ solutions for 100G Single-Lambda PAM4 QSFP28 cover DR/FR/LR applications from 500m to 10Km. The technologies deployed in ColorChip’s 200G FR4 and 100G Single-Lambda PAM4 solutions deliver the core building blocks towards the implementation of 400G QSFP56-DD DR4/FR4 transceivers, with availability beginning in Q1/19.

The optical engines used in ColorChip’s PAM4 transceivers, based on SOG™ technology, is a proven platform that has been deployed in high volume shipments of OCP-Inspired™ 100G 500m CWDM4-Lite transceivers as well as industry-standard 100G 2Km CWDM4 and 10Km 4WDM-10 QSFP28 variants. Employing a single SOG™ manufacturing platform concept, ColorChip leverages well established tools and processes for High Volume Manufacturing rollouts and is ready for the seamless introduction of a new family of products using PAM4 to reach 400G and beyond.

About ColorChip:
Headquartered in Yokne’am, Israel, ColorChip (, established in 2001, is a technology innovator in the field of photonic integrated hybrids whose vision is to break open the optical interconnect bandwidth barrier with high-speed optical transceiver solutions to support the explosive bandwidth demand of emerging datacenter applications. ColorChip leverages its fully owned, industrialized optics-based FAB dedicated to the production of PLC based SystemOnGlass™ optical engines, whose glass platform is the ideal medium for emerging PAM4 applications.
Visit ColorChip during the OCP Summit at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, California, USA, from March 20th-21st in booth #C25 to learn more about our extended family of optical transceivers from 40G to 400G. Please contact us at to set up a meeting. For more information on ColorChip, please visit