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Cloudify Version 4.6 Adds Modular Service Composition And Ansible and Cloud-Native Edge Support

June 11, 2019 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
HERZLIYA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudify, the leading networking orchestration platform provider, today announced the release of Cloudify 4.6. The new version focuses on modular service composition from core to edge through enhanced service support, simplifying configuration through tighter Ansible infrastructure, and supporting more cloud-native edge deployments via Kubespray. Cloudify will showcase the upgraded solution at CommunicAsia, taking place June 18-20 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

As enterprises and service providers move to a virtualized, software-driven network to support digital transformation initiatives, new challenges arise, such as how to manage distributed networks and multiple locations at scale, while gaining control and visibility into each location.
In response to these market needs, Cloudify has upgraded its orchestration solution with a new service composition that enables the chaining of modular services built out of a hybrid cloud-native and non-cloud-native stack, from core to edge. In addition, the new version features Ansible integration, running existing playbooks through the Cloudify platform so that customers can easily connect to more devices without the need for custom integration. Cloudify also now supports Kubespray, an Ansible-based distribution tool that helps users deploy and manage many Kubernetes cluster instances on a wide variety of infrastructure choices.

Other updates include:
*Scheduled and Resumable Workflows: Workflows generally consist of multiple steps, some of which may fail to complete due to a network issue, scripting error or other challenge. Cloudify can now resume failed workflows.
*Upgraded OpenStack Plugin: The Cloudify OpenStack plugin is now built to match the syntax structure of other common IaaS plugins, allowing for easier multi-cloud and multi-infrastructure support and easy migration among infrastructures.
*Performance Improvements: Cloudify 4.6 includes multiple updates that enable the solution to run smoother than ever before.
*Community Plug-in Contribution Guide: A new guide is available to help community members and partners develop plugins that meet Cloudify standards.

“In support of the market’s evolving needs, Cloudify is on a step-by-step journey to extend our orchestration capabilities and make the automation of distributed network services as simple as possible,” said Cloudify CEO Ariel Dan. “As companies begin expanding their virtual networks and multi-cloud applications to the edge, Cloudify is right there beside them, extending our orchestration capabilities to support edge networking.”
Cloudify will attend CommunicAsia in Singapore as part of the Israeli Export stand. Its executives will provide demos of Cloudify 4.6 in stand 1E2-01, located on the first level of the Marina Bay Sands.

The company is also currently updating its Cloudify Spire solution, which helps enterprises and telcos orchestrate distributed networks and edge devices. An enhanced version will be available later this summer.

To learn more about Cloudify, please visit

About Cloudify
Cloudify provides universal core-to-edge orchestration that enables service providers and enterprises to automate, manage and virtually transform their network and application services from their core location to branches and multi-access edge devices. Cloudify radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based orchestration platform, which connects and manages distributed containers, network elements, and edge devices on physical servers or the cloud — all under a common automation scheme. With its award-winning TOSCA-based technology, Cloudify ensures flexibility, prevents vendor lock-in, and reduces cost and time. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel, and offices in the US and Europe. Visit us at to learn more.
Brian Janson
Fusion PR