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Cloudify Revolutionizes Cloud Native VNF Transformation through Embedded VNFM Solution

Many VNFs have selected Cloudify to simplify integration with COTS, and enable DevOps best practices for NFV transformation

MAY 22, 2018

Cloudify today announced a newly enhanced solution to help virtualized network functions (VNF) vendors achieve cloud native capabilities for their networking services in record time, through simplified management and orchestration (MANO). This solution will enable these vendors to fully automate their VNF provisioning, configuration and management on hybrid environments, including Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware, AWS, GCP, as well as add compatibility with industry standards such as ONAP & TOSCA by embedding Cloudify as their VNFM. The solution will enable VNF vendors to quickly integrate with the diversity of technology widely used by telecoms & operators.
Together with its VNF solution, Cloudify has launched a new self-service Cloud-Ready VNF Lab, to enable VNF vendors to test drive Cloudify’s VNF Management capabilities.

Cloudify’s cloud native MANO platform is already being used by some of the largest telecoms & service providers around the globe, including Proximus, Partner Communications, as well as leading open source projects such as the Linux Foundation’s ONAP & OPNFV projects. Cloudify makes it possible for these VNFs to scale more easily via common APIs and enables interoperability with additional devices in greenfield or brownfield environments, as well as configuration automation through support for a wide range of common networking configuration formats and protocols such as YANG, Terminal, REST, XML, all through a single modeling language and dashboard.

Cloudify has been leveraged and embedded by a number of VNF providers to enable cloud native capabilities, including Netnumber, Metaswitch, ASOCS, 6Wind, Fortinet, Lumina Networks, and is continuing to drive ecosystem interoperability and openness for this industry. Providers of VNFs, or even non-virtualized network functions that need to be virtualized, can partner with Cloudify to make their network services cloud-native and ready for quick deployment by telecom service providers and other large network operators, who have neither the resources nor interest in doing this work themselves.

Supporting Quotes
“Cloudify will significantly simplify the cloud native VNF transformation for NetNumber,” says Steve Legge, General Manager, Netnumber. “The TITAN platform will benefit from interoperability with a diversity of platforms, alongside multi-VIM and web scale capabilities through its integration with Cloudify, that has enabled DevOps best practices of full lifecycle automation for the network, reducing costs for our customers as well as more rapid development cycles.”

“VNF onboarding has been one of the primary challenges with really achieving a full NFV transformation and reaping the benefits of cloud economies for CSPs and telecom providers,” says Eric Hanselman, chief analyst with 451 Research. “Being able to apply the same cloud native concepts to VNFs and deploy them on COTS at scale, will be a game changer for the telecom industry. Cloud native VNF management platforms like Cloudify could make this transformation possible for VNF providers, by bringing DevOps and networking as code concepts to the networking industry.