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Cloudify Announces Integration with ServiceNow to Answer DevOps Teams’ Need for Infrastructure Automation

By Prweb On Mar 30, 2022

New integration delivers shift-left, agile-first approach to infrastructure provisioning, helping DevOps teams achieve a better balance between control and deployment.
Cloudify announced the integration of its automation platform with the ServiceNow digital workflows application, the Now Platform®. The Cloudify platform has received certification with ServiceNow and is available in the ServiceNow Store. The deep integration of Cloudify with the Now Platform enables self-service experience for developers needing to rapidly spin up and tear down dev/test environments with minimal effort, as well as simplifying change management of production environments.
About the Platforms
The ServiceNow cloud-based Now Platform delivers digital workflows that create great user experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. The Now Platform is commonly used by enterprises to manage IT processes, change requests and approval workflows.
The Cloudify platform features a unique Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS) technology designed to simplify and optimize the management of major cloud and DevOps automation frameworks—such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Terraform, Cloud Formation and Azure ARM—via one unified platform.
The integration of Cloudify with the Now Platform equips enterprises with an agile-first approach for creating, sharing and managing cloud environments. The Now Platform serves as the workflow automation engine, while Cloudify automates the entire environment creation process and Day 2 management of those environments.
The Cloudify solution is complementary with ServiceNow vertical products, including ServiceNow® IT Service Management, ServiceNow® IT Operations Management, and ServiceNow® Telecommunication Operations Service Management.
Certification by ServiceNow is only granted to apps available in the ServiceNow Store and signifies that Cloudify has successfully completed a series of tests surrounding Now Platform® security, compatibility, performance, and integration interoperability. The certification also reflects that ServiceNow best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of Cloudify.
Webinar With ServiceNow and Cloudify
The integration will be presented during a webinar on Thursday, March 31 at 11AM EDT / 15:00 GMT. As enterprise DevOps teams struggle to achieve self-service infrastructure, unleashing developer creativity and software delivery velocity, the webinar will demonstrate how Cloudify users ServiceNow and WWT achieved success solving this critical challenge to innovation.
Cloudify Sees Agility and Process as Compatible Goals
“ServiceNow is leading the future of work by creating great experiences for businesses,” said Jeff Hausman, SVP & GM, IT Workflows Operations Management at ServiceNow. “We are pleased to have Cloudify integrate its solution with the Now Platform to help further enhance satisfaction, build trust, accelerate time to value, and reduce risk for our joint customers.”
“This collaboration merges ServiceNow’s IT workflow solution with Cloudify’s DevOps Environment-as-a-Service Solution to make DevOps a first-class citizen in the entire IT process,” said Nati Shalom, founder and CTO at Cloudify. “Now DevOps teams can be ultra-agile in the way they develop, test and deliver software solutions, while at the same time more efficiently and safely managing IT resources. This collaboration marks a significant value for DevOps teams that are required to manage development and production environments that are increasing in both number and complexity.”
‘Shift Left’ by Now Platform to Answer DevOps Teams Need for Infrastructure Automation
Software developers need frictionless processes and quick access to infrastructure to rapidly deliver new features. However, providing access to infrastructure with no sufficient control results in IT waste, including costly cloud security breaches and skyrocketing infrastructure costs. This is not acceptable for most organizations, especially in highly regulated industries.
The deep integration of Cloudify with Now Platform components (catalog, flow manager, etc.) enables developers to manage their own cloud environments in non-production environments while enabling DevOps teams to dramatically accelerate infrastructure provisioning.
Self-Service Provisioning for Developers: With the Now Platform and Cloudify, developers can now spin up and tear down authorized development, testing and production environments with a few clicks. Certified environments are shared with the organization through the ServiceNow catalog. Developers simply double-click the environment they need, which automatically triggers the approval workflow in Now, which, in turn, automatically triggers Cloudify to create the requested environment. Developers also have the option to specify “time to live” and other configurations.
Controlled Provisioning and Automated Day 2 Operations: Cloudify’s integration with the Now Platform streamlines and automates the process of managing certified environments. Cloudify and the Now Platform are integrated through a single API, which eliminates labor-intensive API stitches, creation of custom forms, and coordination of multiple API calls. All DevOps tools, CI/CD, and automation are provided in a “one-stop shop”: This eliminates manual synchronization; saves operator time on support tickets and approval processes; requires no human involvement for standard, pre-approved environment changes; and automatically decommissions no-longer-needed environments. By significantly reducing the time it takes to deliver and manage certified environments, IT operators can deliver better service to the development team, alleviate bottlenecks and achieve a better balance between the need for agility and control.