Need to Know

Our focus is on early stage companies. We typically invest in seed and A rounds.
That being said, when the opportunity is right we also do later stage investments as we’ve done in the past.

We’re not restricted to specific fields, each of our team members has their own areas of expertise and that information can be found on the team section.

We love unique ideas that offer out of the box solutions. We’re not afraid to invest in ideas that others would deem crazy. In fact, we embrace them. Feel free to visit our portfolio page and view our current portfolio and their fields of operation.

Our typical investment ranges between $2-$7M in early stages.
We believe in building impactful companies that last and as such reserve additional funds to support our portfolio companies over their lifetime.

We typically lead or co-lead rounds, although it’s not a requirement for us to move forward.

We reserve additional funds to support each of our portfolio companies and have various tools to support late-stage rounds.

Most VC’s operate with a systematic “checklist”.
As a private fund our diligence process is more flexible and tailored, resulting in a relatively shorter process from initiation to investment. Without eliminating steps and insights that are required for our decision making. 

We believe in promoting the Israeli entrepreneur regardless of the location of activity. Accordingly, we require that at least one of the founding members be Israeli.

BRM is a private evergreen fund.
Our unique structure allows us to operate without being limited to a “size” or “lifetime” like the typical venture capital.

Our team’s extensive experience in building and managing companies is passed on to our entrepreneurs based on their requests and needs.
We offer various resources and tools to aid our entrepreneurs throughout their journey, with networking assistance, business consulting and connections.
BRM typically requires a board seat to help guide our portfolio companies in choosing the best path to success.

All of our emails can be found in the team section as we believe in making ourselves accessible, reach out directly to the team member you feel is most relevant to your venture and we will be happy to talk!