We offer…

When you choose BRM, you can expect our personal commitment to provide consistent guidance and support through each stage of your company’s growth.

We have the luxury of being a private investment fund. This means we can offer flexible, streamlined investment decision making.

We believe our relationship with you is a partnership of equals. This partnership approach is reflected in everything we do – notably in our uniquely entrepreneur-friendly term sheet, which both respects and protects the interests of both sides.

We believe in building win-win relationships. We invest our time and soul, but know how to balance input with sincere respect for personal style and company culture.

Our focus is on the Internet, mobile and mobile applications, digital media, online services, enterprise software, and medical device sectors. We continuously strive to add value, helping our portfolio companies with strategic and other issues across the spectrum:

  • Formulating strategy – we leverage our varied operational and entrepreneurial experience to help companies analyze market potential, future trends and competition – working together to build strategy that achieves market leadership.
  • Company building – we help our companies build proper management processes, goals and objectives – setting milestones, preparing budgets and creating compensation models. In addition, we use our rich network of global and national connections to help recruit key management.
  • Go-to-market assistance – we provide access to industry and financial experts, assisting companies in acquiring strategic partners and key customers, recruiting top quality board members, advisory board members, or engaging financial advisors.
  • Fund raising and financial planning – we work actively with our companies to hone their investor pitch and fundraising strategy, and we also facilitate introductions with both local and international venture funds.
  • Managing exits – we help our companies understand prevailing market conditions – developing and executing appropriate exit strategies.