A History of Success

Privately-held, the BRM Group was founded in 1988 as BRM Technologies by Eli Barkat (currently BRM Chairman), Nir Barkat (currently  MK, Likud Party) and Yuval Rakavy.

Following the sale of the company’s pioneering anti-virus and backup technology to Symantec in 1993, BRM turned its attention to early stage technology investments, notably investing in CheckPoint Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP), among others.

Building on the success of these initial investments, the BRM Group diversified and expanded, firmly establishing its reputation for integrity and investment acumen, and achieving a long list of successful exits, including:

  • September 1996 – CheckPoint NASDAQ IPO
  • April 2005 – Oplus acquired by Intel
  • April 2006 – Passave acquired by PMC-Sierra
  • June 2006 – Whale Communications acquired by Microsoft
  • January 2008 – Fraud Sciences acquired by PayPal (eBay)
  • June 2011 – Mediamind acquired by DG
  • May 2019 – Meta Networks acuired by Proofpoint Inc
  • May 2020 – Moovit acuired by Intel