Empowering the Community

BRM believes that with business success comes the responsibility to strengthen both the community as a whole and individuals within it. BRM works actively to bridge social and economic gaps through an ongoing commitment to a variety of educational and social programs , including:


Machshava Tova

Machshava Tova is a non-profit organization aimed to provide underprivileged populations access to technology in a supportive and empowering environment.


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The Amal Educational Network

A leader in innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship. Amal advances scientific and technological education in its 120 institutions across Israel, in which students have an equal opportunity to attain knowledge and essential skills that allow them to play an integral role in the country’s future development.

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The Gidon Association for Ethiopian Jews in Hadera

A non-profit organization committed to improving the future outlook for Hadera’s young Ethiopian-Israelis by providing academic reinforcement, youth programs that strengthen social skills and self-esteem, and educational programs that improve community coping skills.

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The Israel Conservatory of Music

Founded in 1943, the conservatory is a center of creativity for future musicians, as well as providing for their present needs. Up to 600 students up to the age of 18 receive a wide and intensive musical education here, and some of these are expected to continue on to a professional musical career.

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Mifalot: Sport for Education, Development, and Peace

The largest and most diverse sport for development and peace organization in the Middle East. To date, over 20,000 children and youth in Israel, Palestine and Jordan participate in Mifalot’s programs each year.

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Promotes the empowerment and advancement of children living in localities in Israel’s geographic and social periphery. Ofanim runs enrichment and after-school programs for hundreds of children living in outlying localities in Israel’s northern and southern regions. Through its eight mobile study labs, Ofanim exposes children to new worlds of content, including science, computers, robotics, art and engineering.

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The 8200 Alumni Association

Promotes and encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel, through the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Support Program (EISP). EISP leverages the vast network of 8200 alumni to support and promote entrepreneurs in fields such as high-tech, biomedical, energy and environment. Some 20 hand-picked entrepreneurs are selected each year, and go through a year-long workshop and mentoring program, with active assistance from key market players.

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Tmura, The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund

A nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to increase the involvement of the high-tech community in non-profit activity in Israel, with a focus on education and other youth initiatives. Tmura receives donations of equity from (mainly private) Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies and, upon a liquidity event, allocates the proceeds to education and youth-related charities in Israel.

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A Hebrew portal for educational information and activities, which aims to collect and create databases on educational issues and other relevant subjects and to make them accessible to Israel’s schools.

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The Summit Institute

Established in 1973, promotes care within the community for children, youth and young adults at risk in Israel. Summit today operates two programs: a preventive care and rehabilitation program and a rehabilitative foster care.

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