The private investment fund of the Barkat and Rakavy families, the BRM Group is a unique and proven player in the entrepreneurial landscape. We offer entrepreneurs a flexible investment strategy and a highly-favorable term sheet. But most of all, we offer a relationship of trust and respect.

Value with Uncompromising Integrity

BRM is dedicated to delivering value to entrepreneurs. Since 1988, we’ve built a reputation for creating and maintaining win-win relationships of uncompromising integrity.

At BRM, integrity means a success-oriented yet flexible investment strategy that gives entrepreneurs what they need, when they need it. It means a hands-on approach that reflects the values of transparency, professionalism, and trust. And, it means a fair term sheet that’s firmly aligned with entrepreneur expectations.

When you choose to work with BRM, you can expect to enjoy the optimum balance between hands-on support and guidance and a sincere respect for your management style and strategic vision. That’s because, more than anything, BRM believes that value is grown through trust and cooperation. Today, we’re looking for entrepreneurs that share this belief, and with whom we can share success.