Choosing Winners

BRM Hi-Tech evaluates prospective investments according to a set of guidelines, to assist us in our decision making. In general terms, we are looking for:

  • Companies with disruptive technologies and exceptionally high return potential - We look for companies with the ability to either lead the creation of new lucrative categories or to make significant inroads in existing ones.
  • Companies run by entrepreneurs with a passion to succeed - We look for a strong founding team that shares a passion to succeed and dominate their space. We appreciate people with strong technological know-how and real-world operating experience. 
  • Companies with a clear market opportunity - We look for companies with a clear sense of who they are, and where they’re going. We appreciate a clear business plan, a cohesive initial revenue model, and solid ideas for growth. That said, we also understand that many market opportunities are the products of investor-entrepreneur brainstorming, and value the chance of playing such a role. 

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