A Passion for Creating Value

Building companies and creating shareholder value - this is what we do every day at BRM Hi-Tech.
Sharing the passion of both our portfolio companies and investors, we work tirelessly to identify new technological growth areas - and to build market leaders to fill them.

BRM adds value to entrepreneurs and investors alike through our:

  • Vision and stamina – BRM Hi-Tech has consistently demonstrated an ability to recognize and leverage potential in previously untapped areas. We have become used to looking beyond the obvious – and have also created a rigorous process to analyze opportunities and select the most promising. 
  • Reaching for the stars – BRM boldly strives to identify the "stars" – those companies with truly revolutionary potential. We are prepared to take calculated risks in new industries – rather than just “following the herd”. 
  • Track record – our team members have been in on the ground floor of some of the biggest successes in Israeli technology, and we leverage their experience to help entrepreneurs translate ideas into viable and profitable businesses. 
  • Operational experience – we've all been entrepreneurs or worked for them – and we understand how to best serve the needs of each of our portfolio companies, while still leaving them the freedom to grow in their own way. 
  • Personal commitment – we are personally committed to our portfolio companies. Our professional and experienced team members devote quality time and attention to each company, taking an active role in day-to-day company issues.

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