A Shared vision of Growth

As a private investor, BRM Hi-Tech has the luxury of offering uniquely entrepreneur-friendly investment terms. For example:

  • We do not typically request preferred shares. BRM Hi-Tech takes ordinary A shares, and participates in distributions on a pro-rata pari-passu basis with all other shares (provided we don’t receive less than our investment). This innovative strategy keeps us on equal footing with entrepreneurs, making sure we’re fully-aligned with your vision.
  • We don’t demand anti-dilution protection – unless other investors demand it. This means that when new investors come in, BRM Hi-Tech is in the same boat as you and your employees with respect to anti-dilution.
  • We take an active role in the company and request board seats. We’re never just a sink-or-swim observer; we want to be in the action to see how we can best apply our experience, knowledge, and connections to help achieve your company’s goals.
  • We offer a uniquely short list of protective provisions. In fact, our list is around a third the length of conventional lists, and only relates to items of true significance to the company.
  • For all other customary terms, we take founder-friendly position. 

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