Acquired by DG - June 2011

Founded in 1999 as Eyeblaster, MediaMind develops and markets a digital advertising campaign management solution. The company provides media and creative agencies, advertisers and publishers with an integrated platform to manage campaigns across digital media channels and formats - including rich media, in-stream video, display and search.

Recognizing the company’s market potential company early on, BRM Group invested in the company in 2007, as part of a buyout funding. The investment was aimed to aggressively grow the company’s leadership position in online marketing services, and to buy out two of the four founders of the company in order to facilitate expansion. As part of the investment, Eli Barkat joined the company’s board of directors, and began to play an active role in the company.

MediaMind went public in August 2010, and priced its offering 23% below the expected range. But the company's shares rose some 20% over the following six months on market-topping profits, helped by increased customer advertising spending.

The rapidly-growing company caught the eye of major industry players, and MediaMind began to receive acquisition inquiries, which were carefully considered by the board.

Texas-based DG FastChannel enables the electronic delivery of advertisements, syndicated programs and video news releases to broadcasters, online publishers and other media outlets. DG FastChannel saw the potential of MediaMind to markedly enhance its offering for the fast-growing TV and online advertising markets.

During mid-2011, BRM facilitated the intense negotiations between DG FastChannel and MediaMind, working closely with the sides to structure a deal which was ultimately ratified by the boards of both companies. The deal became one of BRM’s largest and most successful exits in past years.

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